2012 - Mommy Life Up North


I have been a BzzAgent for a while now, but this was my first ever beauty campaign, which I was extremely excited for. And if your not sure what BzzAgent is, it's a site where you can take survey's and they will pick out campaign's for you based on your survey's. So far I have been in three campaign's since I have started. But this one is by far my favorite since I love my beauty products.

This campaign was for the Covergirl Blast Flipstick. I have seen these in stores everywhere and always wanted to try them but I never did. So I was excited to see that I was chosen for this one. This campaign came with 3 of the Blast Flipstick's in the colors Stunner, Vixen and Minx. It also came with 20 $2.00 off coupons to give out to family and friends. 

I will have full review and swatches as soon as I test out all of the products. :) Let me know if you have ever tried these and which one your favorite is :)

NEW Limited Edition Wet N Wild Palette in Sparkle 'Til Morning

Hey loves, I just have a really quick post I wanted to do about the new limited edition palette in Sparkle 'Til Morning, which just came out not too long ago. I was super excited when I saw a lot of people posting pictures on Instagram of the palette, and I was finally able to find it at a local Walgreens. There was two other limited edition palettes, but this was the only one I really wanted. And I can't wait to use it. I will be posting more photos soon and I will do a review on it very soon as well :D Don't forget to look out for that :D

Let me know if you have this palette and what you think about it. I am very curious as to what you guys think about this palette.

Another Nail Polish Haul

Hey girls, I have yet another nail polish haul. I seriously cannot stop buying nail polishes. But the good thing about this haul is that each of these nail polishes only cost $0.69 cents! Yup, only $0.69 cents each! They were originally $6.99 but they were on mega clearance. I was so excited when I saw them. I wish they would of had more this cheap, because I would have picked up a ton more. So here are the ones I got:

I honestly could not believe how cheap these were. I am a huge fan of Revlon products, and was so happy to get them. I know a lot of people were raving about Buttercup, so I can't wait to wear it next spring, as well for Provence. I thought Amethyst would be good for the fall time tho, since its more of a deeper purple. 

Recent Nail Polish Purchases

Hey girls, I haven't done a blog post in a while, so for my slack ;D Anyway, I thought I would do a quick post on some of the new nail polishes I have recently purchased. All of these were purchased from T.J.Maxx besides one. I honestly didn't need anymore nail polish, but whenever I see nail polish on clearance, or cheaper then the regular price, I usually jump right on it. Which could be why my makeup addiction keeps growing lol.

The Sally Hansen Insta-Dri was from Target. All the rest were from T.J.Maxx

From left to right: Braziliant, Antique Rose, Soiree Mauve and Smooth Sailing

They were each $3.99 and they are normally about $8.00 most places. I have been wanting Smooth Sailing for such a long time, so I was really happy to see it for so cheap. I also thought Antique Rose and Soiree Mauve would be perfect for the fall time. I can't wait to start wearing them because they look so beautiful.

From left to right: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Magenta Moves and Deborah Lippmann in Pearly Queen

I was browsing Target and in there clearance bins they had Magenta Moves and I thought its the perfect pink for the fall. Its not to bright and its not too dark. Then I was extremely happy to have found the Deborah Lippmann nail polish. This was my first ever nail polish by Deborah Lippmann. It was only $5.99 which was such a great price because they are normally $16.99. So I was really happy with all of my purchases.

Maybelline Color Tattoo Limited Edition Fall Collection Swatches

I was so excited to have finally found these. I had been going to Target three times a week to see if I could find these and I couldn't. Well I thought I would try going to Walgreens even though I was just there two days ago and they didn't have them, and to my surprise I saw the display with them on it. I was so so happy because I have been looking for them forever. I was only going to buy two because they were $6.99 and I only had $20.00 on me so I could only get two, but when I went to the check out it turns out they were buy one get one free! So then I was able to go and pick up the other two that was in the collection.

The top row starting on the left hand side we have Barely Beige, then next to it is Mossy Green, then moving down to the bottom right hand side we have Gold Shimmer, then left of it is Rich Mahogany.

I am seriously in love with all of these colors, and there going to be perfect for the fall. I can't wait to start wearing them. :)

Urban Decay Haul

Hey girls, as many of you probably know, Urban Decay had there online sale going on. I'm not sure if it still is or not, but I think there still might be somethings on sale. (I actually just looked and they do have stuff on sale still, so I would totally go jump on it before everything is gone :D) I have only tried a couple Urban Decay products before, so I thought since they had stuff on sale that I might as well order somethings to see if I like them.

I got the Lip Love Honey-Infused Lip Therapy in Failbait. This color looks so pretty and I am really excited to start using it.

I also ended up getting the Urbanglow Cream highlight in Wicked. This looks so pretty, and I do not own any high lighters so this will be great to try out.

Lastly I ended up getting the Big Fatty Mascara. I am such a sucker for mascara, so I thought I would try this one to see how I like it.

Did any of you order anything from this sale?

Essie Haul

So I recently saw Heather aka hheatherannsbeautystash birthday haul on some new Essie nail polishes that she had bought, and I automatically fell in love with one of the colors she got which was Stroke of Brilliance by Essie. So yesterday I ended up going to Walgreens to purchase it. I am so happy they had it in stock because i was really worried that they would not have it. I was going to pick up a couple of the shades from the Yoga collection, but I think I will wait a little while before I pick those up.

Then today I went to Target and I wanted to try a new top coat, and I was debating on which one to by, so I ended up just getting the No Chips Ahead top coat by Essie. I am very excited to try it out and see how I like it. Please comment below if you have tried it and let me know what you think about it :)

(Don't mind my horrible nails lol I need to re-do them :D )

Tiny Target Haul

We all know that Target usually has a lot of cool stuff on clearance. Well I love to take advantage of that in the makeup section of the store. I only picked up one thing because a few weeks ago I already had picked up somethings so I didn't want to spend too much money lol :D

So I ended up picking up the L'Oreal True Match Face Powder. I have been loving anything L'Oreal recently. It also came with a mini L'Oreal blush in precious peach. They are both amazing products, and I've already been testing them, so ill probably be doing a review on them soon :) Let me know what your favorite L'Oreal product is. :D

Oh, if you own any of the hip duos by L'Oreal, you will realize how they have brushes in the bottom, well in the face powder, it comes with a sponge and with the blush, it comes with a little blush brush. Such a cute little touch to the product :D

Tiny Charlotte Russe Haul

So while I was recently down state, I did a lot of shopping. Way more then I should have been doing, lol but while I was there I went to the mall and walked around Charlotte Russe. I needed some new accessories and they have some of the cutest jewelry ever! So I ended up picking up this really cute set of bracelets. There we 6 bracelets in the set and it was only $5.00 Which is really good for the quality of these bracelets. It came with two gold bangles, a light pink bangle, two pearl bracelets, and one gold and light pink rose bracelet.

Sinful Colors Nail Polish in Pink

Right now Neon colors have been in for this summer trend. Sinful Colors has come out with some amazing new neon nail polishes. Right now I only own one of this because I didn't know how well it would look on my nails or if I would like the formula of them.

Somethings I like about this nail polish is that it dries will fast. As soon as I was done adding a coat it was dried so I could add another coat. And you cannot beat the price on these. I got this one from Target for $1.99 which that's the price everywhere. But a lot of times Walgreens has them on sale for $.99

The only thing I didn't really care for about this nail polish is that it has a Matte finish. Which my nails really do not look good matte lol Let me know what you guys think :D

Wet N Wild Megalast Nail Polish: Tropicalia

Hey girls, I recently purchased this new Wet N Wild Nail Polish from the new 2012 collection. This collection consists of new Nail Polishes, Single Eye Shadows, Lip Shades and much more. If you have not checked out any of these new products yet you are missing out. Hopefully I will be going back to the store to pick up some more items so I can review them for you.

So the color I got was Tropicalia, which is a nice coral/hot pink color. This is perfect for the Spring and Summer time. The new bottle is amazing. It looks more professional then there older polishes. It also comes with a new brush which is the salon type brushes. (which is my favorite type of nail polish brush). These nail polishes are $1.99 which is a really good deal for an amazing nail polish! Let me know what you think!

Wet N Wild Palette: I Heart Matte

Hey everyone, I am here today to do a review on the new Wet n Wild Palette in I <3 Matte. Which this palette is the 4th one to come out. The other 3 palettes were more of the shimmery color's, which this one is nothing but matte. It's really hard to find a good matte eye shadow, but this palette gave me everything I wanted when it came to matte eye shadows.

Pros: This palette comes with 8 eye shadows, which there all matte and there is a nice color range when it comes to the colors. It's also small so you can just put it in your purse and go. It's nice having good palettes to take with you. Another good thing about this palette is that the price is wonderful. It's only $4.99. The only thing bad I would have to say about this palette is that its been extremely hard to find. So you might have to just place a order online at ebay or amazon in order to find this product.