June 2012 - Mommy Life Up North

Sinful Colors Nail Polish in Pink

Right now Neon colors have been in for this summer trend. Sinful Colors has come out with some amazing new neon nail polishes. Right now I only own one of this because I didn't know how well it would look on my nails or if I would like the formula of them.

Somethings I like about this nail polish is that it dries will fast. As soon as I was done adding a coat it was dried so I could add another coat. And you cannot beat the price on these. I got this one from Target for $1.99 which that's the price everywhere. But a lot of times Walgreens has them on sale for $.99

The only thing I didn't really care for about this nail polish is that it has a Matte finish. Which my nails really do not look good matte lol Let me know what you guys think :D