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Essie Haul

So I recently saw Heather aka hheatherannsbeautystash birthday haul on some new Essie nail polishes that she had bought, and I automatically fell in love with one of the colors she got which was Stroke of Brilliance by Essie. So yesterday I ended up going to Walgreens to purchase it. I am so happy they had it in stock because i was really worried that they would not have it. I was going to pick up a couple of the shades from the Yoga collection, but I think I will wait a little while before I pick those up.

Then today I went to Target and I wanted to try a new top coat, and I was debating on which one to by, so I ended up just getting the No Chips Ahead top coat by Essie. I am very excited to try it out and see how I like it. Please comment below if you have tried it and let me know what you think about it :)

(Don't mind my horrible nails lol I need to re-do them :D )


  1. This looks awesome, would love to see it on your nails :)
    If you ever put it on, send me a link :D

  2. That Essie polish looks gorgeous!

    Stop by and check out my blog :)

  3. I've not tried any Essie polishes but Stroke of Brilliance looks gorgeous - I love glitter polishes :)

  4. der nagellack ist einfach richtig schön!
    ich hab mir den auch erst vor kurzem geholt.
    hast du evtl lust auf gg verfolgen?? :)) <3
    alles liebe,
    lisa xx

  5. Wow that's gorgeous!

  6. I love this nail polish so much!