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Tiny Target Haul

We all know that Target usually has a lot of cool stuff on clearance. Well I love to take advantage of that in the makeup section of the store. I only picked up one thing because a few weeks ago I already had picked up somethings so I didn't want to spend too much money lol :D

So I ended up picking up the L'Oreal True Match Face Powder. I have been loving anything L'Oreal recently. It also came with a mini L'Oreal blush in precious peach. They are both amazing products, and I've already been testing them, so ill probably be doing a review on them soon :) Let me know what your favorite L'Oreal product is. :D

Oh, if you own any of the hip duos by L'Oreal, you will realize how they have brushes in the bottom, well in the face powder, it comes with a sponge and with the blush, it comes with a little blush brush. Such a cute little touch to the product :D


  1. I used that powder back when I was in high school. The blush looks like a pretty color! My current favorite L'Oreal product is the new Colour Caressa/Colour Riche lipstick in Rose Taffeta.

    1. Ill have to try that one out :D I only own one L'Oreal lip sticks, so ill have to try some more :D

  2. I always see this product but haven't gotten the chance to try it! I need to make a trip to Target soon lol.

    The Lovely Memoir

  3. I always hit the clearance beauty products at Target :D I almost always find some really good deals! I've never tried a L'Oreal true match blush-please do a review!(: xoxo

  4. oh that looks so cool! i wish we have target locally too bec ive been reading a lot about their clearance sales!