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Urban Decay Haul

Hey girls, as many of you probably know, Urban Decay had there online sale going on. I'm not sure if it still is or not, but I think there still might be somethings on sale. (I actually just looked and they do have stuff on sale still, so I would totally go jump on it before everything is gone :D) I have only tried a couple Urban Decay products before, so I thought since they had stuff on sale that I might as well order somethings to see if I like them.

I got the Lip Love Honey-Infused Lip Therapy in Failbait. This color looks so pretty and I am really excited to start using it.

I also ended up getting the Urbanglow Cream highlight in Wicked. This looks so pretty, and I do not own any high lighters so this will be great to try out.

Lastly I ended up getting the Big Fatty Mascara. I am such a sucker for mascara, so I thought I would try this one to see how I like it.

Did any of you order anything from this sale?

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  1. Cool haul! I totally forgot the Big Fatty Mascara existed! Used to use it a couple years back, will be repurchasing now you've reminded me! x