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I'm looking to buy...

Hey girls, I just have a quick post I wanted to make. I am looking for some items to buy. I am collecting Essie nail polishes, so if your selling any please let me know, I would love to buy some. Looking for prices under $5.00 & in really good condition or never used. I am also looking for some MAC products eyeshadows, lip glosses, blushes etc. Must be in good condition as well. And good prices as well. I will pay with paypal! :D 


  1. Hey lady! I think I might have some MAC products that are in great condition (hardly ever used) that I might be looking to sell. I know I have a lot of blushes and eyeshadows I don't reach for. Most of them are depotted though but in really good condition. If you have a empty MAC palette that would work perfect because I already put magnets on them. Email me at purpleshampooblog@gmail.com and I can tell you what I have :)

  2. Hey doll! I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Awards! Head over to my blog http://cinnamonkandy.blogspot.com/ for the details! <3

  3. I'm still selling Mac Retrospeck and Omega if you want :) But not sure if they're good priced since Mac is so much cheaper in US.