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Revlon Lip Stick in Soft Nude

Hey girls, today I have a post on the Revlon Lip Stick in Soft Nude. First off, I would love to say how much I am in love with the packaging. I love the whole black with the amazing design that they have just like on the lip butters. The packaging was a total hit with me and for that I so want to buy even more!
Well this lip stick is in Soft Nude. And from the name, you can tell it's a nude color with a hint of brown. This is by far one of my favorite nude lip sticks. I have been in such a nude lip phase and this one by far is my favorite. It is nice and smooth and the lips and I goes well with my skin tone. I like to wear a baby lips under it, then put this on top to make it look glossy. 
If you don't own this lip stick you are totally missing out. I even went to the store and picked up another one of these lip sticks :D Which is your favorite lip stick by Revlon that you own?

These are about $6-$8 depending on where you find them. Places like Walmart and Target normally have them cheaper. As for places like Walgreen's and Riteaid, there usually a little more. But I do find Walgreen's has a lot of Buy One Get One 50% deals going on a lot of them times.


  1. I have this, it's super pretty :)

    1. Oh I know, it's so pretty! It's a must have lip stick for sure :D

  2. Really gorgeous colour! I love the packaging as well, must pick this up on Sunday