September 2013 - Mommy Life Up North

Wet N Wild Fergie Palette in Desert Festival

Hey everyone, today I have a review on the Wet N Wild Fergie palette in Desert Festival. I fell in love as soon as I saw this palette because the colors are seriously so perfect for the fall time! It comes with 5 shades that make such a beautiful look.

Desert Festival comes with 5 shades. It comes with a matte tan color, a matte orange shade, a matte gray shade as well with a shimmery dark gray and lastly a shimmery light orange. I found that most of the shades were pretty pigmented. I didn't find the colors to be too chalky or anything either. I was actually really impressed because I know some of this palettes are a hit and miss.

Overall I would give this palette a B. The pigmentation would have been better, but overall I thought it was pretty good for a drugstore palette. I would recommend this one to everyone since like I said, it's perfect for the fall.

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Hey everyone, I have some exciting news! I am having a giveaway on my Instagram @weloveswatches.
I will be giving away these 3 OFRA Cosmetics products. I did reviews on each of these products, and OFRA Cosmetics sent me a set to giveaway as well! If you're interested please check out my Instagram for all the details!

OFRA Cosmetics Lipstick in #109 Toffee + GIVEAWAY!

Hey loves, today I have one last OFRA Cosmetics review for you. This time its on a lipstick. So far I have been really impressed with OFRA Cosmetics. The lipstick I have is #109 Toffee. Most of the colors are named after numbers. 

#109 is a nice mauve pinkish brown shade. It reminds me a lot of the lipstick Fast Play by MAC. The texture of the lipstick was really nice. It was actually pretty moisturizing and applied smoothly. The lasting power was pretty good for this lipstick. It didn't last as long as my MAC lipstick, but it did last for up to 4 hours. These also are only $13.00 and also has the color shown on the bottom.

I would give this lipstick a A-. 

You can buy this lipstick at for only $13.00

*I am giving away this lipstick on my Instagram! If you're interested please check out my Instagram @weloveswatches*

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OFRA Cosmetics Blush in Rendezvous + GIVEAWAY

Hey loves, today I have a review on the OFRA Cosmetics blush in the shade Rendezvous. I was super excited to receive this blush. Since I loved the eye shadow, I was hoping the blush would impress me just as much, and trust me it did.

Rendezvous is almost like a apple red, with more of a orange tint to it. I thought this shade would be great for the fall time because it is a little bit darker compared to other blushes that I have. In this blush you get 4 grams of product for a price of $15.00, which is a really good deal. I also am a huge fan of the packaging because its very easy to store. 

Rendezvous is seriously one of the most pigmented blushes I have ever used. Seriously, you only need like a dab on your brush. Just one dab goes such a long way. I really want to get more of the blushes because if they are all pigmented like this one, I need them for my collection. 

Overall I would give this blush a A+.

You can purchase this blush at: for $15.00

*I am giving away this blush on my Instagram! If you're interested please check out my Instagram @weloveswatches*

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OFRA Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Plum + GIVEAWAY

Hey loves, today I have a review on a new eye shadow that I received that I thought would be perfect to do a review on. This is the OFRA Cosmetics Eye Shadow in the shade Plum. I was very impressed when I started to play with this eye shadow. 

Plum is a very deep purple that like the name says, is a very pretty plum shade. You get 4 grams a product for $15.00 and I compared this eye shadow to some of the MAC eye shadows I have, because the packaging is kinda the same, it comes in the round black packaging. And MAC eye shadows are a lot $15.00 but you only get 1.5 grams, so these OFRA eye shadows, you really get your money worth compared to the MAC shadows.

I found this eye shadow to be extremely pigmented and the texture was amazing. It wasn't chalky at all, which is a huge thing I look for when it comes to eye shadows. I was seriously impressed with the pigmentation though, I thought it was actually a lot pigmented to many of my MAC eye shadows.

Overall I would give this eye shadow a A+.

You can buy this eye shadow at for $15.00

*I am giving away this eyeshadow on my Instagram! If you're interested please check out my Instagram @weloveswatches*

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Vapour Organic Beauty Swatches & Review!

Hey loves, today I have an awesome post on a couple of Vapour Organic Beauty products. I was lucky enough to receive a couple of there products to try out. They sent me a Mesmerize Shimmer Eye Color Treatment in the shade Ember and they also sent me a Siren Lipstick in the shade Tempest. I was very excited about these shades because they are perfect fall colors.

The Mesmerize Shimmer Eye Color Treatment comes in 11 different shades. They are 100% natural and chemical free with 70% certified organic ingredients which is amazing because a lot of cosmetics are not 100% natural ingredients. Ember is a beautiful color. It's a dark brown with a lot of shimmer to it. It also has a tiny hint of green in it as well. When applying this to my lids, it applied easily and also lasted a long time as well. It was nice and creamy and did not crease on my lids. I also love the sleek packaging. Also the nice dark blue packaging is such a great touch. It's very classy packaging and I adore it.

These can be bought at for $18. You get such an amazing product for the price. It is well worth it. 

Overall I would give the Ember Shimmer Eye Color Treatment a A-. 

The Siren Lipstick comes in 21 different shades. Just like the Shimmer Eye Color Treatment, the lipstick is 100% natural ingredients as well. They are long wearing and very moisturizing. It's made with Jojoba Oil, antioxidant Pomegranate Oil, lip plumping Camelina Oil an an infusion of rose petals. So it's made with some amazing oils to provide such great moisture. The texture reminds me almost of a Revlon lip butter. It doesn't dry out my lips at all and the color last a long time as well. Tempest is considered an intensifying and blazing coral. It looks extremely pretty on the lips and like I said, very moisturizing.

These can be bought at for $22. 

Overall I would give Tempest Siren Lipstick a B+.

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Wet N Wild Trio in Zero Dark Flirty

Hey loves, here is the other trio from the Wet N Wild Limited Edition Tough Girl collection. This one is in Zero Dark Flirty. I seriously fell in love with the name as well with the beautiful purples. This one is by far my my most favorite Wet N Wild trio.

The browbone is a pretty light purple, the crease is a beautiful matte dark pruple, and the eyelid is a medium matte purple. All three colors look amazing together. The pigmentation was really good with this trio. All the colors showed up amazingly and also last a long time as well. I am very impressed with this trio.

If you can get your hands on the new collection I would get this one right away. I would give it a A. 

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Wet N Wild Trio in Support Our Troops!

Hey loves, I finally came a crossed the new Wet N Wild Tough Girl collection while I was at Walgreens. I wanted to get all from this collection but while I was there they only had two left. So this trio is called Support Our Troops!

It comes with a shimmery grey for the browbone, and matte black for the crease and a white for the eyelid. While I was swatching these the eyelid color was not pigmented at all. It barely showed up, I had to swipe it on like a million times for it to even show up. As for the black, that one was very pigmented and applied easily. And for the browbone, I seriously feel in love with the grey shade.

I would say I would give this trio a rating of a C+. It wasn't horrible for me, but it really wasn't the best. Overall I love the color combination.

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BHCosmetics Lip Glosses in Wine & Dine and Studious

Hey loves, today I have a post on a couple of the BHCosmetics lip glosses in Wine & Dine and Studious. I thought I would post about these because I was looking through my make up collection and I thought how pretty these would be for the fall time, so I just wanted to do a review, since I know I am always looking for more fall shades. So I thought I would recommend these to you.

Wine & Dine is a nice red wine color. It is super pigmented and it's very opaque. Studious is more of a pink wine color. If there was such thing as pink wine. lol Overall I loved how smooth these applied and the lasting time was amazing. They lasted up to 5 hours, and even after the gloss wore if, there was still a stain left on the lips of the color. 

The price of these are also great! You can find them on the bhosmetics website for only $3.50 right now. 

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MAC Lipstick in Viva Glam I

Hey loves, I finally purchased my first ever Viva Glam lipstick, and since they relaunched Viva Glam I. This originally came out in 1994 and is part of the permanent collection. Since it was originally from 1994 I just had to get it because that was my birth year, so it was an excuse to pick this baby up.

Viva Glam I is a matte finish and is considered to be intense brownish blue-red. I love the texture of the matte finishes and the color its self is beautiful. I didn't find this one drying on the lips at all and it lasted 5 hours. Which is a lot coming from a lipstick. And I love the packaging because the red just spices it up. 

You can find this in stores or online for $15.00 

I honestly can't wait to get the rest of the Viva Glam clan for my collection. What do you girls think of this shade?

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Sally Hansen Fall 2013 Limited Edition Xtreme Wear Nail Polish in Spark in the Dark

Hey loves, I spotted the new Limited Edition Sally Hansen Fall 2013 Extreme Wear Nail Polishes in the store yesterday so I just had to pick up a couple. This one stood out to me the most and this is in the shade Spark in the Dark. I'm not sure where you girls will be able to find these, but I found these at a local Shopko.

Spark in the Dark has a bunch of black and gold glitter. It has chunky glitter and small glitter mixed in. When I saw this I knew it would look amazing on top of black nail polish. I am seriously in love with this one. The price ranges from $2.99-$4.00 depending on where you buy them. If you can find these I would for sure pick this one up! 

For swatches I swatched it with just the glitter alone, then I placed it ontop of a black nail polish and also a white.

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NARS Blush in Deep Throat

Hey loves, today I have a post on the NARS blush in Deep Throat. This is actually the only NARS product I own, and I seriously love this blush. It's hard for me to spend so much money on a blush, but it is well worth it. I knew I wanted to get one, I just didn't know what color to get. I went back and fourth between this one and Orgasm, and finally picked Deep Throat.

Deep Throat is a really pretty light pink. It gives you a nice natural look on your cheeks. I am in love with the packaging. It's nice and slim and makes storage easy. The hardest thing was the price for me since these are $29.00 each, but the quality is amazing, and the pigmentation is great! I know this blush will last me a while and I know its something that I will use 75% of the time. 

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Covergirl Eyeshadow Trio in Sea Glass

Hey everyone, today I have the Covergirl Eyeshadow trio in Sea Glass. I was really excited to try this out because I do not own many green eye shadows and I thought this one was perfect. I wasn't really impressed with these eyeshadows. It was must better then the quad I reviewed though.

  • The price of these are pretty cheap. They normally run from $4.00 to $6.00 depending on where your purchasing them.
  • The packaging is nice and slim which makes it easy for traveling.
  • The eyeshadows were very chalky.
  • Not pigmented
  • Colors do not last at all

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Covergirl Eyeshadow Quad in Urban Basics

Hey loves, I finally got around to do some swatching of my Covergirl Eyeshadows. I have this quad which is in Urban Basics which comes with a lot of pretty shades. You can find these anywhere that sells Covergrl.

I was extremely disappointed in this quad. The shades look so pretty in the pan, but once I swatched them, there was like nothing there. The colors are not pigmented and they came a crossed very chalky. I mean they look so beautiful! The only one that actually had decent color pay off was the grey/purple shade. All the rest barely showed up on my skin, and were very chalky. I do not recommend this quad.

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Sonia Kashuk Super Sheer Liquid Tint in Poppy

Hey girls today I have a post on the Sonia Kashuk Super Sheer Liquid Tiny in Poppy. I have always been a huge fan of Sonia Kashuk, so I just had to try this bad boy out. Or girl, not really sure, so I'll say girl. lol

Poppy is such a beautiful coral color. I wish I would have bought this when summer first started because this is such a beautiful shade for the summer time. The color is extremely pigmented, and a little goes a long way so all you need is a tiny drop of product for your cheeks. You can find these tints at Target.

  • Extremely pigmented
  • Little product goes a long way
  • I like the pump, it makes it easy to use
  • Doesn't dry out your skin
  • You can only find this at Target, or online.
  • It's pretty pricey for a drug store blush. It sells for $9.79

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ShopStyle Giveaway!

Hey girls I have exciting news! ShopStyle is having an amazing giveaway! If you don't know what ShopStyle is, it's a website where you can shop amazing products. They have everything from beauty to fashion. You can also rate all your favorite products as well. I have seriously be rating and reviewing products all day! It's so easy to use and is also a lot of fun!

So ShopStyle is giving away a $1,000 visa gift card! In order to win all you have to do is log in ShopStyle and each review you do before September 26th you will receive on entry. So if you write 10 reviews, you get 10 entries. So the more you review, the more you win! Be sure to check out

MAC Eye Shadow in Divine Decadence

Here is the MAC Eye Shadow in Divine Decadence which is also from the Indulge collection. Out of all the eye shadows from this collection, this was the only one that really stuck out to me. I am such a sucker to brown eye shadows and thought this one would be perfect for the fall time.

Divine Decadence is a Veluxe finish. It is a dark brown mixed with gold shimmer. I was very impressed. I know for a fact I will be getting my use out of this eye shadow this fall.

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MAC Lipstick in By Design

Here is another lipstick from the MAC Indulge collection. This one is in the shade By Design. This was the only other lipstick I ended up getting from this collection. I was skeptical when buying this one but I am growing on it. It is a nice nude with a little hint of gold shimmer.

By Design is a Frost finish, which I think this is the only Frost lipstick I own by MAC, which I actually like it. It looks really pretty and doesn't dry out my lips.

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MAC Lipstick in Raspberry Swirl

Hey everyone I know this lipstick came out a while ago but I thought I would finally post swatches of it. This is Raspberry Swirl which is from the MAC Baking Beauties Collection. This was the only lipstick that caught my eye when this collection came out. It is such a nice milky pink shade.

Raspberry Swirl is Cremesheen, which I don't mind there Cremesheen finishes, I would prefer this one a lot better if it was a Lustre. I have only used this a few times because I've noticed it tends to make your teeth look a little yellow, so when I do wear it, I don't wear it extremely heavy. This lipstick is also limited edition.

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MAC Lipstick in Feed The Senses

Hey everyone here is the MAC lipstick in Feed The Senses which is part of the new Indulge collection by MAC. I was so excited when I first saw this shade in the promo pictures that I knew I had to get it. I have only had this one for a few weeks now and I already have used so much of it. I wish I would have bought a back up, but I still think I will pick a couple of these up since they are limited edition.

Feed The Senses is a Lustre which of course is my favorite finish by MAC. This is such a pretty nude pink color. It has a little of a purple undertone, but looks more pink on this lips. If you can get this one I would for sure. It's one of my favorite lipsticks now.

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