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OFRA Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Plum + GIVEAWAY

Hey loves, today I have a review on a new eye shadow that I received that I thought would be perfect to do a review on. This is the OFRA Cosmetics Eye Shadow in the shade Plum. I was very impressed when I started to play with this eye shadow. 

Plum is a very deep purple that like the name says, is a very pretty plum shade. You get 4 grams a product for $15.00 and I compared this eye shadow to some of the MAC eye shadows I have, because the packaging is kinda the same, it comes in the round black packaging. And MAC eye shadows are a lot $15.00 but you only get 1.5 grams, so these OFRA eye shadows, you really get your money worth compared to the MAC shadows.

I found this eye shadow to be extremely pigmented and the texture was amazing. It wasn't chalky at all, which is a huge thing I look for when it comes to eye shadows. I was seriously impressed with the pigmentation though, I thought it was actually a lot pigmented to many of my MAC eye shadows.

Overall I would give this eye shadow a A+.

You can buy this eye shadow at http://ofracosmetics.com/plumeyeshadow.aspx for $15.00

*I am giving away this eyeshadow on my Instagram! If you're interested please check out my Instagram @weloveswatches*

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*Disclaimer: These products were sent to me to try out and review. These are my 110% own opinions.