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E.L.F Maleficent Nail Polish Trio

Hey everyone, I was very happy to find the E.L.F Villains Collection at my local Walgreen's. I picked up one of the palettes and also the set of nail polishes. It comes with 12 nail polishes and 3 from each Villain. Here I have the Maleficent nail polishes. 

Gina Girl: Is a dark purple nail polish mixed with purple glitter. I was not a fan of this one. It looked amazing in the bottle but when swatched on my nails it looked horrible. It would look much better with a black nail polish as a base and this shade on top.

Mod Mauve: Is a mauve pink shade with a brown tint. I really like this one because it is a perfect shade for the fall time. I thought this one was very opaque and you only needed two coats.

Bubble Gum Pink: It's just like the name, its a bubble gum pink. Just like Mod Mauve this one was very opaque as well. 

Overall, for the price this is a decent set of nail polishes. I mean 12 nail polishes for $10.00. You don't expect some amazing nail polishes, but I was very pleased with these 3 except for the Gina Girl. But overall  I would give this trio a C. Gina Girl: D Mod Mauve: B+ Bubble Gum Pink: B+

For more photos and swatches click

Gina Girl

Bubble Gum Pink

Mod Mauve


  1. I can't believe the whole package is for only 3 polishes , so glad I skip on it

  2. I like the mauve shade a lot.