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Palladio Eyeshadow Quad in Spell Bound

Hey girls today I have a review on the Palladio Eyeshadow Quad in Spell Bound. I was lucky enough to receive some of these products from Palladio to review. Spell Bound is a purple quad which is perfect for the fall time. 

Spell Bound comes with a light purple, a purple/pink, a medium shimmery purple, and a dark purple. I found that the light shade is great for the brow bone, the purple/pink is great for the all over the lid, and the dark purple is amazing for the crease. I found the shades to all be pretty good. All shades were pigmented and they didn't apply chalky at all. And there wasn't a lot of fall out either. 

These quads are $8.00, which for decent eyeshadows that's such a great deal! I tried a lot of Covergirl quads which were horrible, but these Palladio ones wipe the Covergirl ones out of the park. I recommend these ones over those. I also thought the quality was better then a lot of the Maybelline quads I have. 

Overall I would give this palette a B+. You can purchase this palette at and also at Sally's Beauty supply.

*All my opinions are my own and receiving these products does not reflect the outcome of my review*

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  1. Pretty! The medium shimmery purple looks a lot like Wet'n'Wild's Kitten x

  2. The imprint on the shades is cute.

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