November 2013 - Mommy Life Up North

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

Hey everyone, I have an exciting post today on the new Naked 3 Palette by Urban Decay. I was so freaking excited when they told us they were releasing this bad boy. So of course, I just had to get it right away. It is currently sold out on the Urban Decay website but Ulta and Sephora will be releasing it in December. The Naked 3 comes with 12 new shades with the rose hue neutrals. 

  • Strange: pale neutral pink in a matte finish
  • Dust: pale metallic pink shimmer 
  • Burnout: light pinky-peach in a satin finish
  • Limit: light dusty rose in a matte finish
  • Buzz: metallic rose shimmer with silver in a micro glitter finish
  • Trick: light metallic pinky cooper with shimmer
  • Nooner: medium pinky-brown in a matte finish
  • Lair: medium metallic mauve shimmer
  • Factory: pinky brown in a satin finish
  • Mugshot: metallic taupe shimmer 
  • Darkside: deep taupe mauve shade in a satin finish
  • Blackheart: smoky black matte with a rosy red sparkle
I am seriously in love with this palette. I love all of the shades and they are all so smooth applying and extremely pigmented. My favorite shades from this palette are the matte ones because I am a huge sucker for matte shades. Compared to my Naked one palette I think I like this one just a tad more just because I love the rose hue tints in each of the shades. I would highly highly recommend this palette. You can buy it for $52.00 from

I would give this palette a A+. 

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We Search. We Find. We Shopstyle!

Hey loves, I was selected as being part of the PopSugar Select team, to make a layout of my favorite clothing items for the ShopStyle team. ShopStyle is a website where you can shop all the latest trends, you can like things, add things to your wishlist, etc. It's a great social area to see all the latest trends.

For my layout I went with my favorite items that I love for the fall and winter.

  • Brown Idera boots which can be found at Younkers.
  • A studded tan scarf from Charolette Russe
  • A sheer white blouse from Charolette Russe
  • Black and gold flats from Forever21
  • Maroon tribal blouse from Charolette Russe
  • Black leggings from Target
All these items are things I wear all the time. It sums up my style. I have been loving boots and my blouses to go with my leggings. And as you can tell Charolette Russe is by far one of my favorite stores. 

Tarte Cosmetics Up To 55%

Hey girls, yes you read that correctly right now you can get Tarte Cosmetics up to 55%. They have so much things listed! It's a great way to try out some new products. 

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POPSUGAR LIVE! Holiday Gift Guide!

Hey lovelies, POPSUGAR will be hosting a live show on November 20th at 3 p.m. EST time. They will be showing you all the hottest gifts for the year and you have a chance to win some of those lovely gifts as well! Don't miss out of this awesome live show! 

For more information you should check out the link: POPSUGARLiveGiftGuide

Wet N Wild Trio in Twinkle and Loving It!

Hey loves, here's another quick review on yet another new Wet N Wild Holiday 2013 trio in Twinkle and Loving It! Normally people wait and save the best for last, but this one is the worst out of all the trio's I had purchased.

The colors pay off was not well with this one at all. It was mainly just the glitter with hardly any pigmentation. I was hoping the blue shade in the middle was going to be amazing and bright but it turned out to be a complete waste. And as well as the purple shade. And the bottom color I don't even know what it was supposed to be. It turned out to be this brownish color and it doesn't even look pretty. 

I would not recommend this one. Overall I would give it a F----.

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Wet N Wild Trio in Drinking a Glass of Shine

Hey everyone, I have another review on one of the new Wet N Wild Holiday 2013 collection and this one is in Drinking a Glass of Shine. This one would be considered the "Smokey Eye" trio with the grey and the black. 

This one comes with a white glitter which shows up more like a clear shade with glitter, which I was hoping it would have been more white then clear. Then the middle shade is the grey with with a mixture of colorful glitter. I thought this one was extremely pretty, but it did lack the pigmentation, and it was also a pain to try and get the color to show. Then the bottom is a black with a mixture of different glitters. I love that the black did show up, but it wasn't as pigmented as I was hoping for.

I didn't care for this trio like I did the others just for the fact there was lack of glitter, and with the black the texture wasn't as smooth as the others. Overall I would give this trio a D+.

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Wet N Wild Trio in I'm Not a Blonde Glitz!

Hey everyone, I have a quick review on another one of the new Wet n Wild Holiday 2013 trio in I'm Not a Blonde Glitz! I was most excited when I saw this one on the display because HELLO, gold glitter!! I am such a fan of gold glitter so I couldn't wait to take this baby home with me.

The top glitter is a brown glitter with a mixture of different color glitters, the middle is a copper shade with with light gold shimmer, but when swatched you can't see much of it, its more of just a copper shade only. Then of course is the bottom shade, the gold glitter! I was very disappointed with this one because the gold doesn't look as good swatched as it does in the pan. The only one that was some what pigmented in this trio was the copper shade. They are still smooth and apply easily just like the others, but the pigmentation wasn't great.

Overall I would give this trio a C-. I love the texture, but the color just wasn't there like the others. 

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Wet N Wild Trio in Glimmer in Your Eye

Hey girls, here is another one of the new trio's by Wet N Wild for there Holiday 2013 collection. This one is Glimmer in Your Eye which is the green trio. Green glitters are seriously amazing for the Holiday time!

It comes with a light green which is almost like a lime green, the middle shade is a medium color green, and the bottom shade is a black shade. They all have mixtures of glitter in each of them. The pigmentation was amazing for the lighter green, which I was very impressed with. I was also shocked with how pigmented the black glitter was. I didn't think it would show up that well. Sadly, the middle green was not very pigmented.

Just like the other trio's it was very easy to remove all of the glitter. Overall I would give this trio a B. I was hoping the darker green would have appeared more, but overall, I love how easy it is to apply these and remove them.

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Wet N Wild Trio in Still or Sparkling Water?

Hey girls, I am very excited to finally post up quick reviews on the new Wet N Wild trio's from there Holiday 2013 In The Spotlight collection. In this collection they came out with 6 new glittery trio's, which I love there trio's so spotting this glittery ones, I was sold. 

This trio is in Still or Sparkling Water? It comes with the most beautiful blues. The top color is a grey sparkle, the middle is a medium shade blue with just white glitter, and the bottom shade is a dark blue with a mix of different shades of blue. These are all cream eyeshadows and they apply so well. They are also very easy to remove. I used a makeup wipe and there was no glitter left behind. I was extremely impressed with how pigmented these were! I didn't think there would be any color pay off, but I was wrong. It was amazing.

Overall I would give this trio a A-.

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Wet N Wild Trio in Silent Era Film

Hey loves, I have a quick review on the Silent Era Film trio by Wet N Wild. This is from the 2013 Fall collection which is called Be A Runway Beauty. I know I am a little late on reviewing this, but its better late then never ;D

Silent Era Film comes with a light champagne pink shade for the brow bone, a light orange/red shade for the crease and a darker green shade for the eyelid. The colors in this trio are amazing. I love the shades that they paired together. It's so different, which I love. All shades are perfect for the fall. The brow bone color is my favorite since I am huge natural lover. The other shades were fairly pigmented and not chalky.

Over all I would give this trio a C+.

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Wet N Wild Limited Edition Fergie Palette in Bulletproof Glide

Hey girls today I have a review on one of the new Limited Edition Wet N Wild palette from the Fergie collection. This one is in Bulletproof Glide. I have always been a huge fan of Wet N Wild Eyeshadows, so I was excited to see them release a grey palette. 

This palette comes with 5 eyeshadows. It comes with a white matte shade, a dark shimmery grey, a light shimmery grey, a matte brown/green shade and in the middle a shimmery black. Some of the colors were more pigmented then the others. I found the lighter shades to not be pigmented at all. 

Overall I would give this palette a C since some of the shades were a hit and miss with the pigmentation. The shades didn't show up chalky or anything either which is also really nice.

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What's your favorite Chanel and Dior products?

Hey girls, I need a little help from you. I will be going out of town next weekend and I am making a beauty wishlist of products I would like to try out. So I will be heading to Macy's that sells Dior and Chanel and I do not own anything from either of these companies and I am looking to purchase a couple things.

What is your favorite Chanel and Dior products? I am looking to buy lipsticks, eyeshadow, blushes and nail polish! If you have a favorite please leave it below, and if you have a review on these products please link them below so I can check them out :D

Thanks a ton!

LORAC Unzipped Palette Swatches & Review

Hey loves, I know it has been a while since I made any blog posts, with the moving and everything it has been really hard to take photos and do reviews, so the last week I did a lot of hauling, so now it is time for a bunch of swatches and reviews of a lot of products. The Ulta near me finally opened so I went a little crazy that last few weeks and picked up these amazing beauty.

This is the LORAC Unzipped palette. If you are sucker for natural shades like I am, this would be a holy grail for you. I went to Ulta to pick up the LORAC Pro Palette, but ended up loving these shades a lot better. The set I got came with a mini primer and as well as the palette which includes 10 netural shade eyeshadows which have a mix of Matte and Shimmery shades.

I love the packaging a lot with this palette. It is nice and sleek and I love how it has the zipper on the palette. It makes traveling a lot easier. 

So this palette comes with Undercover which is a matte white, Unbelievable which is a shimmery pink, Unattainable which is a shimmery gold/pink, Unconditional which is a matte taupe shade, Unbridled which is a matte red/brown, Undiscovered which is a gold shimmery, Unreal with a light pink shimmer, Uncensored which is a brown shimmer, Unspoken which is a matte brown, and Untamed which is a dark shimmery brown.

I thought the pigmentation for these eye shadows were pretty good. And I love the texture of these eyeshadows, they are not chalky and apply so smoothly. All together with the mini primer this palette was $40.00 which is such a great price for what you pay.

Overall I would give this palette a A. It is literally perfect and I can't wait to use this all the time.

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