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We Search. We Find. We Shopstyle!

Hey loves, I was selected as being part of the PopSugar Select team, to make a layout of my favorite clothing items for the ShopStyle team. ShopStyle is a website where you can shop all the latest trends, you can like things, add things to your wishlist, etc. It's a great social area to see all the latest trends.

For my layout I went with my favorite items that I love for the fall and winter.

  • Brown Idera boots which can be found at Younkers.
  • A studded tan scarf from Charolette Russe
  • A sheer white blouse from Charolette Russe
  • Black and gold flats from Forever21
  • Maroon tribal blouse from Charolette Russe
  • Black leggings from Target
All these items are things I wear all the time. It sums up my style. I have been loving boots and my blouses to go with my leggings. And as you can tell Charolette Russe is by far one of my favorite stores. 


  1. The maroon tribal blouse looks gorgeous :). I'll be sure to check out their items!

    1. it's one of my favorite shirts :D I am such a sucker for tribal prints and maroon colors for the winter :D