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Wet N Wild Trio in I'm Not a Blonde Glitz!

Hey everyone, I have a quick review on another one of the new Wet n Wild Holiday 2013 trio in I'm Not a Blonde Glitz! I was most excited when I saw this one on the display because HELLO, gold glitter!! I am such a fan of gold glitter so I couldn't wait to take this baby home with me.

The top glitter is a brown glitter with a mixture of different color glitters, the middle is a copper shade with with light gold shimmer, but when swatched you can't see much of it, its more of just a copper shade only. Then of course is the bottom shade, the gold glitter! I was very disappointed with this one because the gold doesn't look as good swatched as it does in the pan. The only one that was some what pigmented in this trio was the copper shade. They are still smooth and apply easily just like the others, but the pigmentation wasn't great.

Overall I would give this trio a C-. I love the texture, but the color just wasn't there like the others. 

For more photos and swatches click rad more:)


  1. Shame they aren't as pigmented as the copper shade, but the glitter on the top brown shade looks gorgeous & very festive.
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xx

  2. This is pretty for the holiday season! Thanks for the share!

    New subscriber!!


  3. That's a great set of colors! I just love warmer shades like this. :)

    ~ Yun