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Maybelline Limited Edition Color Tattoo in Nude Pink

Hey everyone! I have a quick review on one of the new Maybelline Color Tattoo in Nude Pink. This one is limited edition. I am such a sucker for these color tattoo's, and when I saw they came out with 3 more, I had to get them! Plus the 3 new ones they released are all Matte!

Nude Pink is exactly what the name says. It's a light nude pink that reminds me of such a great lip color! Anyways, it is a matte finish which is amazing for the lids. It reminds me of also the new Naked 3 palette, it goes with the whole rose gold theme. I am seriously in love with this one. Just like the other color tattoo's, it applies easily and is also very easy to blend. It's a perfect all of the lid type color. If you can find this baby would totally pick it up if I were you. 

Over all I would give this baby a A+++.

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  1. I've had this one and Just Beige and Matte Brown for a little while and I really like them. You're right that it goes with the rose gold theme of Naked 3- I've been wearing them together and love the combo of this under the Naked 3 shadows. Great post :)

    Every one of these is so cute! I love the little reindeer ones! I really like Modcloth so I'm excited for that post :)

  2. Heard nothing but good things about the Maybelline color tattoos. Any problem with creasing?

  3. Gorgeous, and you're right, it's very much like the Naked 3 Palette! :). If I see it in the store, I might not be able to resist... :D.