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Rimmel London Colour Rush Balm in Give Me a Cuddle

Hey girls, I have an exciting post! I went to Walmart earlier, and of course had to go look at all the makeup, and I was so excited to finally find the Rimmel London Colour Rush Balm's. I know they were selling in the UK, but now they are here in the US. I was jumping for joy because I am seriously in love with balm's. This one is in the shade Give Me a Cuddle.

Give Me a Cuddle, lets just start off by saying how amazing the name of this balm is. I mean seriously, it's the cutest name ever. Give Me a Cuddle is a hot pink shade. I am seriously in love with this balm. It's the most moisturizing balm I have ever tried! It had a very even apply. The color is so pretty. I found these to be much better then the Revlon balms, and these are also much cheaper. They are around $4.99.

Overall I would give this balm an A+.


  1. Super excited to find these! Balms are taking over the world haha. Great Post!

  2. I'm super excited about these, I hope them come to Canada soon! I need to try them!

    Krystal || Little Beauty Bug <3