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MAC Lipstick in Heavenly Hybrid

Hey everyone, I just have a little update before I start this post. I finally got a new laptop which means I have some major inspiration to keep up with my blogging and YouTube  channel even more. So expect a lot of new posts and better edited photos! As well as some more YouTube videos! I ended up getting the Macbook Pro and I am seriously in love with it. It is the best decision I ever made. So I just had to get that out there :D So I hope to keep posting more for you guys because I seriously love blogging.

So today I have a post on the new MAC Limited Edition lipstick in Heavenly Hybrid. This is from the new Spring collection which I showed in a haul post a couple post back. I was finally able to try the lipsticks out so I wanted to post reviews! But this is in the shade Heavenly Hybrid.

Heavenly Hybrid is considered a mid tone berry and has a lustre finish, which is one of my favorite finishes by MAC. This is by far one of my favorite MAC lipsticks now. I seriously love it. It applied so smoothly and just looked beautiful on my lips. 

Overall I would give this lipstick a A.

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