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Battle of the Blues Featuring: Essie

Hey everyone, I recently did a video called Battle of the Blues featuring Essie nail polishes. I am such a huge Essie fan and I wanted to think of a fun way to do swatches for a video, so I broke it up into different colors to post videos of each. So I am starting with the blues first, and then I will move into pinks and reds, then oranges and greens and then purple and neutral shades. 

I have never loved a nail polish brand so much in my life and I always feel like Essie always has one of the best shade selection and I can't wait to purchase more. If you have a favorite Essie color let me know what it is so I can go out and pick up that shade as well!

Also, I hope you enjoy this video!


  1. I looove Essie! and blue is one of my favourite colours so this was wonderful, I want them all now :P I also really love their cute as a button polish (which is a pinky colour) and devils advocate, which is this really dark dark purple that almost looks black,but it's so nice! :)

    1. Yeah, Essie is beyond my favorite :D They have so many amazing choices!!