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Maybelline Lipstick in Sin-a-mon

Hey girls, I have been a major lipstick kick lately, so I have so many different lipsticks to share with you all. I always buy them and post swatches on my Instagram, but I always forget to write up reviews on them! So I will be reviewing a bunch for you within the next couple of weeks, so I hope you don't mind! 

Sin-a-mon is part of there newer nude lipstick collection that had came out months ago. I remember seeing this one on clearance at Target, and I just new I had to get it. This shade is a cool tone light brown. I found that it was pretty opaque compared to a lot of Maybelline lipsticks I have tried. I am also a huge fan of the packaging. The light beige packaging makes it super easy when telling the difference between each Maybelline collection they have for there lipsticks. I found this color to be a great everyday nude shade. It is more of a brown which I don't think flatters my skin tone very much, but if you have a tanner skin shade, this would look amazing on you. 

Overall I would give this lipstick a B+ rating.

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