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Essie Purple Polishes Swatches

Hey loves, with summer right around the corner I wanted to take the next month to post some of my nail polish swatches. I am starting off with Essie because I have so many Essie nail polishes so I wanted to show you guys the swatches of them, in hopes to help you guys pick up some fun nail polishes for this summer time. How I have it set up is I will be posting 3 colors at a time. And this post will be dedicated to purples.

The first color I have is DJ Play That Song which is just a bright purple shade. This color is one of my favorites for the summer because it just gives your nails such a great pop of color.

You can purchase this shade here!

Next we have Bond With Whomever which is just a beautiful light lilac shade which is also a great one for summer. I also love this shade for the Spring because it is a pastel color. 

You can purchase this polish here!

Lastly we have Sexy Divide which is just a dark purple shade. This one is very dark so I don't wear it too much in the summer, but dark nails have really been on trend this year. 

Which this shade can be bought here!


  1. All three are great colors! I love the first one especially! It's just so bright and happy, perfect for the summer! :)

    ~ Yun

    1. I agree! I am such a fan of purples. I need to get more :D

  2. I have DJ Play That Song....such a gorgeous colour, have to apply a clear top coat because I'm not so keen on the matte finish! x

    Sarah @ xx

    1. Yeah I agree!! I only like matte shades with certain colors :)