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Limited Edition L'Oreal Lipstick in Jennifer's Nude

Hey loves, I have another post on one of the new Limited Edition lipsticks from the L'Oreal Privee collection. And this one is in the shade Jennifer's Nude, which is by far my new favorite nude shade. I have never loved a lipstick as much as I loved this one! It's just like bells going off when you find that perfect nude shade and this one did just that for me.

Jennifer's Nude is a beautiful light beige pink. It has a very moisturizing finish to it which makes your lips look so refreshed and moisturized. The pigmentation was great and this lipstick can be very build-able. So you could apply it once for just a hint of color or apply it 3 or 4 times for a more opaque color. I am so happy I was about to get my hands on this because it was beautiful.

Overall I would give this lipstick a A. 


  1. I love the Julianne Moore shade - it's just THE perfect nude shade for me :o) Xx

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    1. yay :D I am glad we both found our perfect nude shade from this collection :D

  2. I found out that it is the same shade as "Fairest Nude", just repackaged. This is my all time fave and I was so bummed it was limited! But now we won't be without!