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Milani Lipstick in Rose Hip

Hey loves, I am on yet another Milani kick. I recently purchased some more Milani products, and Rose Hip is my newest in my Milani lipstick collection. I am one of those girls that has to have every color of something so I can complete my collection, and Milani lipsticks are part of that. I have always been a huge fan of there products so I hope these post help you decide what lipsticks you want to try next!

Rose Hip is a bright hot pink with a cream finish. It is extremely opaque and the color is seriously gorgeous. It does not streak at all on the lips and like all other Milani lipsticks it smells amazing. I really have nothing bad to say about this lipstick because it is everything I could ask for in a lipstick. It also is hydrating on the lips and not drying at all. 

This lipstick is $4.99 and can be bought here! Let me know what your favorite Milani lipstick is so I can add it to my wish list as well!


  1. Such a stunning colour! Perfect for a night out! :) x

    Sarah @ xx

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  3. Soooooo gorgeous! I haven't heard much about this lipstick before but now I'm on the hunt for it!!