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The Balm Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette

Hey everyone today I have an excited post on The Balm's Meet Matt(e) Nude palette. I have always been such a huge fan of The Balm. Not only do they have amazing quality products, but the packaging is to die for. They always come up with such creative packaging and names for all of there products. I ended up purchasing this baby when they were having 50% off there whole entire site which was probably the best sale ever! So lets go a head and jump into all the photos and swatches!

This palette comes with 9 different shades, which like the name of the palette, they are all matte shades. Matte shades are just perfection. I am always a sucker for mattes, and having an all matte palette what could be better?

So starting with the top row we have Matt Johnson which is a medium grey shade, then we have Matt Garcia which is a beautiful medium brown with a hint of red and then lastly we have Matt Malloy which is just a white.

Next three shades we have going from left to right is Matt Rosen which is just a lighter brown then in the middle is Matt Wood (the name cracks me up) which is just a very dark brown. Then lastly we have Matt Singh which is just a peachy pink. Which this set of 3 is my favorite. You can create such a beautiful look just using these 3 shades!

Then on to the last three shades. Going from left to right we have Matt Abdul which is very light grey, then in the middle we have Matt Lombardi which is a pretty medium yellow shade then lastly is Matt Hung (I died when I saw the name) which is a beautiful taupe color.

I am seriously in love with this whole entire palette. All of the colors are amazing when it came to pigmentation and they all apply smoothly. I did not find them chalky like a lot of other matte shades I have dealt with and this is a palette I highly recommend. You can buy this palette here for here for $42.00. Let me know what you think of this palette and what your favorite shade is!


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    1. I agree! I can't wait to make a look using this palette, all gorg!

  2. I love theBalm palettes! This is such a nice one! I really love that it's all matte, my collection contains too much shimmer right now! lol
    Kallie - But First, Coffee

    1. I agree! This is the only Matte palette I have, other then the Urban Decay Basic's but even one shade in that palette has shimmer lol

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    1. of course, I would love to check out your blog. Doing that now!

  5. I've been so conflicted about picking this up or not! I'm in love with some of the medium/lighter browns but this palette is HUGE and my eyelids are firstly tiny and I've got lots of shadows to use already! thanks for swatching!