June 2014 - Mommy Life Up North

NYX Blush in Apricot

Hey everyone, today I have a post on the NYX blush in Apricot. I am a huge fan of the NYX blushes, and this is the second one I have purchased from the powder blush line that I own. I do own a few of there baked blushes as well as there cream blushes, but I love the finish and texture of these blushes the most. 

Apricot  is a very beautiful peach/pink shade. I honestly love this shade for the summer time. I have been wearing it a lot lately and it just gives the perfect flush of color on your cheeks. The texture is smooth easy to blend once it is on your cheeks. It does have little gold glitters in it, but you can't even tell once the blush is on your cheeks. I am so happy I picked this blush up because I do not have anything like it in my collection. Also, it is a very affordable blush which a lot of the times you can get them from Ulta for Buy One Get One 50%.

You can purchase this blush here for only $5.99.

NEW L'Oreal Glossy Balm in Petite Plum

Hey loves today I have an exciting new post on one of the new L'Oreal Glossy Balm's. I was so surprised that I had found of these because I knew they were coming out, but I thought it would be farther down the road. But last night while browsing through the Target makeup isle, I came a crossed one. And by one, I mean they only had one of these babies and it was the only shade that had on display. I have no idea if they were supposed to be out yet, but they had one just hanging out on the shelf so of course I had to grab it!

Now I am seriously one of the biggest balm fans out there, so whenever a company comes out with balms I have to pick them up. I was bummed that they only had one shade out, but you know I will be purchasing the rest once I can get my hands on them.

Petite Plum is a beautiful dark plum shade. The packaging is beautiful because I love the silver lid, with the color of the balm as the tube its self. Now when I checked the price it was $5.99ish which I thought was really cheap for a L'Oreal product, since they are usually on the pricer end. So I thought the price was super affordable. Honestly, this is the best balm I have ever tried. I never had a balm so moisturizing and pigmented as this one. And the color literally last for hours. And unlike a lot of the balms I own, it does have a glossy finish for it so it is perfect for everyday looks.

I am so excited to find the rest of the colors because I am in love.

Ways To Make Extra $$$

Hey everyone, today I wanted to do more of a informational post regarding different ways to make some extra money online. I have a lot of different methods that I wanted to share with you all. These are all methods I have tried before and I know some of you are familiar with all of these, and some of you may not. So I will go a head and show the top things I use to receive extra money or even free gift cards. I hope you guys enjoy and if you have other tips or websites for me to try just leave a link below!

So the first website I have for you is SwagBucks. I have been using this site for I want to say two years now? And I got my boyfriend hooked on it as well as the rest of my family. Basically it is a website where you use it as a search engine just like you would Google or Yahoo. And when you search things you will receive SB. Now you do not receive SB every time you search, it will randomly pop up. You can also do other things on the website to earn SB. You can watch videos, do surveys and even play games. I normally spend my SB on $5 Amazon gift cards because thats how I get a lot of my Essie nail polishes for real cheap as well as books. It is honestly one of my favorite websites out there. I have also gotten Sephora gift cards where I could just print them and bring them into the store or use online.

Now this is a app that you can get for your iPhone or Droid. I have been using this app now for about two months now and I already received 4 Amazon gift cards (you can also get PayPal and free Apps) what feature points is, is a app where all you do is download a app, use it for like 30 seconds and you get points. The good thing is, is once you get the points you can delete the app if you do not like it and you still can keep your points. It is seriously amazing. If this is something you are interested it, you can click the links or also look it up in the app store. (you don't have to, but if you use my referral it would be amazing which my referral code is: 48SNCB) 

These are the things that I use the most to receive my free gift cards. I do work full time, and I do have bills to pay so somedays its hard to sit there and spend money on makeup, so I love having this option to get makeup for free since being a beauty blogger and YouTuber I need to stay ontop of all the new products and this helps a lot!

NYX Eyeshadow in Stiletto

Hey everyone, I have honestly been on such a huge NYX kick the last few weeks. I have been really into buying more items by them that I do not currently have. So I thought I would go a head and try one of the new eyeshadows and this is in the shade Stiletto. I have only owned one NYX single eyeshadow before and I loved it and since they re designed there packaging (instead of the square packaging) I thought I would go a head and try another one! And boy am I impressed!

Stiletto is a beautiful champaign color with a hint of brown undertone to it. This eyeshadow makes a perfect crease color for the lid, or just an all over the lid shade. There isn't any shimmer or sparkle to it, so it's pretty much just a matte shade. I found the formula of the eyeshadow to be for smooth and I didn't notice any fall out. And it is very easy to blend. I thought the color pay off was great for being a single drug store eyeshadow, and I honestly love this shadow more then a couple of my MAC shadows. 

I think I am going to start looking for some dupes since these are so much cheaper then a lot of eye shadows. They are only $4-$5 and can be bought here!

MAC Limited Edition Extra Dimension Eyeshadow in Lorelei

Hey loves, I am so excited to finally be posting about this eyeshadow because I have had it forever just like the rest of the Alluring Aquatic collection and I finally got around to taking photos and swatches of this beauty. Out of all of the shadows that came out with this collection, this was the only one that really caught my eye, because we all know I am such a sucker for natural cream/champaign colors and this eyeshadow was perfect.

Lorelei is a beautiful light champaign/tan color. It is a extra dimension eyeshadow which this is my first time owning a shadow like this and I was super impressed with the texture. Just like the blush it just applies so smooth and is super easy to blend. It is not powdery at all and the color has great pigmentation. Since I love the formula so much, I wish I would have gotten a couple more shadows because the quality is honestly the best. I have never loved a eyeshadow so much in my life. Also just like the lipstick and the blush it has that beautiful teal packaging with the 3D water droplets. Whenever my family comes over I always have to bring out this collection so they can all feel the droplets. This collection by far is my favorite MAC Collection to date.

What did you guys end up purchasing from this collection?

MAC Limited Edition Lipstick in Enchanted One

Hey loves, I finally got around to using my lipsticks that I had gotten from the Alluring Aquatic collection from MAC. Which it took me so long to finally use this because I love the color and packaging so much. This lipstick is in the shade Enchanted One. 

Enchanted One is a beautiful matte nude shade. I honestly love matte shades because they just look so beautiful and natural on the lips. The texture of this lipstick was creamy and unlike a lot of matte lipsticks, it was not drying at all. It was just creamy and did not crease on my lips. Just like the blush this lipstick comes with the teal packaging with the beautiful rain drops which I photographed an up close picture so you can see the detail.

Overall I would give this lipstick a A+ for the fact that the packaging is amazing and the color is truly perfect. It is the perfect nude for my lips. 

MAC Limited Edition Extra Dimension Blush in Sea Me, Hear Me

Hey loves, I swear this will be my last blush post for at least a week or two. I know I posted a lot of blushes lately, but I have had so many that I did not blog about so I wanted to share them with you all! And today I will finally be doing a post on the Limited Edition MAC blush in Sea Me, Hear Me, which I have had for a while now, but I haven't touched it until now. I am one of those girls that when it comes to limited edition products, I am always afraid to use them. Let me know if your like that as well. I am just super OD about it!

Sea Me, Hear Me is a beautiful beige pink. It is a extra dimension blush which I am a huge fan of the texture of these blushes. There is light shimmer in the blush with makes your cheeks look glowy and natural. Since it is a beige pink, it is the perfect shade for my cheeks to add just a little bit of color. I think this blush would look amazing on a lot of different skin tones. Also it comes with the beautiful teal packaging and the beautiful water droplets. 

I would give this blush a A rating. I am not sure if you can find this in stock anywhere since it has been sold out for a while. What did you guys get from the alluring aquatic collection?


MAC Limited Edition Kelly Osbourne Blush in Cheeky Bugger

Hey everyone! I know what your thinking, "really Lizz another blush?" yes, another blush. MAC recently released there Osbourne collection and I fell in love with the packaging. Since I am kind of on a no buy I ended up just picking up one thing just for the packaging. I passed on the lipsticks because I have so many that I don't even use, and I needed some more MAC blushes so I picked up this baby. This is from the Kelly's side of the collection and in the shade Cheeky Bugger.

Cheeky Bugger is a nice light pink with a hint of peach. It has a satin finish which I love when it comes to a blush because it has just a soft texture and applies easily to the cheeks. I love this shade and I know it will be my go to summer shade. I've had it for about three days now and I have worn it every day since. Also can we take a second to just admire the packaging? I love the light purple packaging and the red Kelly signature. It is probably one of my favorites that MAC has come out with lately. 

Let me know what your favorite thing was from this collection. It will be in stores on June 12th.

I would give this blush a A+.

Milani Blush in Luminoso

Hey loves, here is the last Milani blush I have in my collection. I have heard so many amazing things about this blush so I just had to get it in my collection. This is in the shade Luminoso. I know it is a crowd favorite and I know exactly why!

Luminoso is a peach blush with beautiful shimmer. I think out of all the Milani blushes I have, I think this one flatters my skin tone the most and just adds a beautiful tint to your cheeks. The texture is very smooth just like the rest of the blushes and has a little bit of a marble design. This blush is honestly the best drug store blush out there and I think every girl needs this blush in there collection.

I give this blush a big A+ rating. You can purchase the blush here for $8.49.

Milani Blush in Fantastico Mauve

Hey everyone I have another blush post on another Milani blush. I am seriously in love with there blushes. This one is in the shade Fantastico Mauve. Which has such a beautiful marble design. I love how the marble looks because it makes it totally different from any other product. 

Fantastico Mauve is a beautiful medium plum shade. It shows up much darker in the pan then it really is which you can tell on the swatch it does appear more mauve, but in the packaging it looks more plummy. This was my first ever Milani blush that I have ever purchased and honestly it is one of my favorites. 

The color last all day and the texture is very smooth. It has a beautiful gold shimmer to it which makes your cheeks look glowy. I love to wear this blush in the fall/winter time because it gives my cheeks a nice flush of color without it being over powering.

I give this blush a A and it can be purchased here for $8.49. Let me know what your favorite Milani blush is!

Milani Blush in Bella Rose

Hey loves, today I have a blog post on the other new Milani Matte blush in Bella Rose. I was happy when I was able to get my hands on this blush because I heard amazing things about this blush so I couldn't wait to try it. Which I own 3 other Milani blushes and they are something I do recommend if you are looking for a great affordable blush.

Bella Rose is considered a bright raspberry shade. When swatched, it came off as more of a hot pink/red. It wasn't as dark as I expected, it was very bright and pigmented. Since I do have pale skin I was skeptical to try it but I actually love it. You only need to dab your brush gently into the product to have good color off. It is very build able and would look great on all skin tones. It is a matte blush which is something I do not own much of, which was exciting to add some more matte products to my collection. I think this shade will be great for the summer with a nice nude lip. The color last all day and has the greatest pigmentation I have ever seen.

Overall I would give this a A+ rating. You can purchase this blush for $8.49 here!

Beauty UK Posh Pout Lip Crayons

Hey everyone, I am very excited to blog about these new lip crayons by Beauty UK, which is a UK brand and I know I have some UK followers, so I am so happy I can finally talk about some other products that you can find in the UK. I was lucky enough to receive these products to review for you guys. And all of my opinions are my own. 

So the two that I have for you guys are Corally Incorrect and Would I Lilac You? Corally Incorrect is a beautiful bright red/coral color. And of course Would I Lilac You? is a beautiful lilac shade which I do not own anything like this so I was excited to see how I would like it on my skin tone. Turns out, I am in love with it. 

These remind me a lot of the Jordana twist shine lip balms. I thought these were extremely moisturizing on the lips and did not dry out. They say that there are supposed to be long lasting, but I noticed the color starting to fade after about 3 to 4 hours, so I would have to apply them again.

 They are 2.99 in Euro's which is roughly about $4.78 which is super affordable. I love these and will be picking up more. They do ship the the US so if you are a US reader and if these look good to you, you can order from there website.
Overall I would give these a B rating. You can purchase this product here!