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NYX Eyeshadow in Stiletto

Hey everyone, I have honestly been on such a huge NYX kick the last few weeks. I have been really into buying more items by them that I do not currently have. So I thought I would go a head and try one of the new eyeshadows and this is in the shade Stiletto. I have only owned one NYX single eyeshadow before and I loved it and since they re designed there packaging (instead of the square packaging) I thought I would go a head and try another one! And boy am I impressed!

Stiletto is a beautiful champaign color with a hint of brown undertone to it. This eyeshadow makes a perfect crease color for the lid, or just an all over the lid shade. There isn't any shimmer or sparkle to it, so it's pretty much just a matte shade. I found the formula of the eyeshadow to be for smooth and I didn't notice any fall out. And it is very easy to blend. I thought the color pay off was great for being a single drug store eyeshadow, and I honestly love this shadow more then a couple of my MAC shadows. 

I think I am going to start looking for some dupes since these are so much cheaper then a lot of eye shadows. They are only $4-$5 and can be bought here!


  1. This is a great shade for the crease! I have yet to have the chance to try any of their round single shadows but I've seen some great shades and would love to try a few!

  2. I haven’t tried this yet but I think I’ll be purchasing one next week. Yay, I’m so excited because I’ve read many rave reviews about it!
    ~Pauline @Nyx Philippines