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Ways To Make Extra $$$

Hey everyone, today I wanted to do more of a informational post regarding different ways to make some extra money online. I have a lot of different methods that I wanted to share with you all. These are all methods I have tried before and I know some of you are familiar with all of these, and some of you may not. So I will go a head and show the top things I use to receive extra money or even free gift cards. I hope you guys enjoy and if you have other tips or websites for me to try just leave a link below!

So the first website I have for you is SwagBucks. I have been using this site for I want to say two years now? And I got my boyfriend hooked on it as well as the rest of my family. Basically it is a website where you use it as a search engine just like you would Google or Yahoo. And when you search things you will receive SB. Now you do not receive SB every time you search, it will randomly pop up. You can also do other things on the website to earn SB. You can watch videos, do surveys and even play games. I normally spend my SB on $5 Amazon gift cards because thats how I get a lot of my Essie nail polishes for real cheap as well as books. It is honestly one of my favorite websites out there. I have also gotten Sephora gift cards where I could just print them and bring them into the store or use online.

Now this is a app that you can get for your iPhone or Droid. I have been using this app now for about two months now and I already received 4 Amazon gift cards (you can also get PayPal and free Apps) what feature points is, is a app where all you do is download a app, use it for like 30 seconds and you get points. The good thing is, is once you get the points you can delete the app if you do not like it and you still can keep your points. It is seriously amazing. If this is something you are interested it, you can click the links or also look it up in the app store. (you don't have to, but if you use my referral it would be amazing which my referral code is: 48SNCB) 

These are the things that I use the most to receive my free gift cards. I do work full time, and I do have bills to pay so somedays its hard to sit there and spend money on makeup, so I love having this option to get makeup for free since being a beauty blogger and YouTuber I need to stay ontop of all the new products and this helps a lot!

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  1. I searched up feature points on the App Store but nothing came up!?