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Easier Way To Sell Your Used Makeup!

Hey everyone I just wanted to let you guys in on this cool new website I came a crossed where you can sell your used makeup. The website is called Glambot. You can also buy makeup from this website as well and its all designer/high end. You can find a lot of limited edition MAC products on there as well which is super cool because I am always looking for limited edition products. 

So the website is located here. If you were looking to sell some products, what you can do is go to the website and you can request a shipping label, and you can print it yourself and package up your products and send them in. Once they received your products they will send you an amount that they are willing to give you for your products and you can agree to the price. Which is super awesome and much easier to just get rid of everything all at once rather then having to ship everything separately. 

If you are interested I highly recommend this site! 


  1. This is perfect! I've been looking for a way to sell my used makeup. I hope this works for Canadians!!

    1. I know they have international shipping so it might work for you to send them your makeup as well :D