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eBay Bargains Week 1

Hey everyone! I wanted to start this new weekly post where I search and shop around eBay for some
beauty deals as well as cute fashion pieces. I haven't done anything like this before and I am really trying to expand my blog out into more then just reviews & swatches. I want to share with you deals that I have came a crossed on eBay and I will be sharing with you some items each week that I think my readers will enjoy. Please feel free to leave comments below letting me know if you like this type of post, or things that I should change about it, etc. I love reading your comments and getting your feedback! So for week one I have tons of goodies to share with you, so lets get into it!

Essie Fall Collection 2014- $32.00 for the whole set of 6 plus free shipping which is like paying $5.33 since each. Which is awesome deal because a lot of places Essie nail polishes are usually between $7.50-8.50. 
Fashion Charm Jewelry Colorful Rope Gold Metal Blue Tassels Bracelet- $2.53 plus free shipping. I am in love with this bracelet, and since I love filming YouTube videos, affordable jewelry is something I love to show off in my videos. So being able to get a bracelet for less then $3.00 is amazing. 
Blush Brush Eyebrow Foundation Powder Kabuki Brushes Set- $12.90 plus free shipping. These brushes are the cutest. I am in love with the pink and gold and I think they would like adorable in my collection. They look really comparable to the Sigma brushes and I think I need to add these into my life and see how amazing they are. 

So I hope you guys enjoyed the first post and please let me know if you enjoyed this post, and if you did I will do this every Tuesday as well as include more items! I love finding amazing bargains and 


  1. I bought the brushes and did a review on them a couple weeks ago! The pink is so cute! Also I love the Essie nail polishes - $32 for the whole collection is actually pretty good!! If only they shipped to Australia :( x

    The Sunday Chapter