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MAC Limited Edition Lipstick in Romantic Breakdown

Hey everyone today I have any exciting post on the new mystery collection from MAC. Now, thats not the name of the collection, but recently MAC released 4 new limited edition lipsticks out of the blue. There is no information on this collection and I believe it was just an Online Exclusive collection. It came with 3 matte lipsticks, and this one which is Romantic Breakdown which is a lustre finish. This collection also came with a beauty powder and I believe a few nail polishes and a veluxe pearlfusion eyeshadow palette. No one knows really any information regarding this collection. A lot of people said it wasn't supposed to leak, others say the collection will be posted again at the end of the month. I am not sure what is up with it. But with that being said, I did receive my lipstick today in the mail.

It's in the shade Romantic Breakdown and its just a very pretty nude/pink/peach color and I am seriously in love with it. I regret not getting a back up because the color is so pretty. I just wanted to post this quick to show you photos as well as a swatch of the lipstick. If you plan on using my photos for any reason, please properly credit me!

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