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Benefit Gimmie Brow Review

Hey loves, today I have a review on the Benefit Cosmetics Gimmie Brow. Which over the weekend I finally went and got my eyebrows done at my local Ulta and the Benefit Bar and it was the first time I have gotten my eyebrows waxed in over two years. You must all think I am crazy lol, But I was very excited to finally get it done and I was extremely happy with the results. Now after I got them done, I knew I needed to try some new brow products, so the product that I knew I had to get was the Gimmie Brow. I have heard so many amazing reviews regarding this product and with my eyebrows looking fresh and clean, I just had to pick it up.

I picked it up in the medium/dark shade since they only have two options to choose from, and since I have dark eyebrows I thought it would be perfect. Now I was a little skeptical on getting this because I wanted something where I didn't have to fill in my eyebrows everyday and wanted something that looked natural. And when I first applied this product I was blown away. The product its self is just a tinted brow gel and with the tiny wand it makes it extremely easy to brush through your hairs and to make them look natural. With just a few swipes I noticed results instantly and was very very happy. As you can see from the photos below, my eyebrows looked very thin before using this product, and then whats I applied it they looked so much thicker. 

I love this product just for the fact that its so easy to use and it gives such amazing results. If you have not tried this yet or on the fence of getting it, this is something I highly recommend. I think it makes my eyebrows look so much nicer and you don't have to hardly use any effort so it makes getting ready in the mornings much easier.

You can purchase the Gimmie Brow product here for $22.00.

The first photo is before I apply the Gimmer Brow, and then the second photo is after I applied it.


  1. This looks very very good! So natural but it has thickened and boosted your natural lash so well!

  2. I've been thinking about getting this for and everyday natural brow look. I've used a similar one from another company and loved it, maybe it's time to get involved! - would love for you to visit my blog if you have time xx