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MAC Limited Edition Mineralize Eyeshadow in Until Dawn

Hey everyone, if you watched my last haul video on my YouTube channel, you would see that I picked up this baby from a CCO. Which I have never been to a CCO before, so when I got the chance to finally go, I told myself that I need to get at least one thing just because I won't be able to come back for a while. Please tell me I am not the only one who does the same thing? LOL. 

Until Dawn came out in the Divine Night collection which was released last winter. I only ended up picking up two lipsticks when this collection came out, as well as a blush, so I really wanted to add another limited edition item to my collection. At the CCO they had a bunch of these in stock and I believed it was only about $17.00 which was about $4.00 less then when it came out. Of course I had to jump on it. It comes with a taupe/brown shade as well as a golden yellow/cream color. I thought this was going to be perfect for the fall time. When I swatched these I was not impressed with the pigmentation. And the shades were extremely shimmery. If I was going off of pigmentation I would give this duo a C. But since I love the shimmer I would give it a C+. 

I think I will for sure pick up another one of MAC's mineralize eyeshadows, so if you have a duo you recommend 

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