October 2014 - Mommy Life Up North

Paula Dorf 2+1 Brows & Brush Review

Hey loves, today I have a review on the Paula Dorf 2+1 Brows plus brush. I recently received this product to review, and since I have gotten my eye brows waxed I have been so into trying different eye brow products, so when the chance came, I of course had to give it a try.

This product comes with two different colors to fill your brows with plus a wax. It comes in different shades depending on your hair color, so I did pick the brunette shade. The colors were a little too light for my eye brows, since mine are super dark, but I did not want that to stop me when it came to this review. For photos, I used the ashy shade of the trio. I love the product its self. The texture of the powder was nice, and I love the added brush because it makes it extremely easy when applying the product. If you plan on getting the brow product, I would highly recommend picking up the brush as well. They work perfectly together. 

You can purchase this product from http://www.pauladorf.com/ for $26.00. Which I think is an amazing deal. Also when checking out use the code BROWBRUSH to receive a free brow brush!

Mirabella Beauty Myth Visionary Long-wearing Eyeshadow

Hey loves, I am back with another review of another product from the Mirabella Beauty Faerie Holiday Collection 2014. This product is a long-wearing eyeshadow, which I am so excited to talk about this product because it is totally different then any other product I have in my collection.

Myth Visionary is a bronze color with a reddish brown undertone. When you stick your finger into the product you will notice it has a sponge texture to the product. When you apply it, it is more of a wet texture, but will dry into a satin matte finish. The great thing about this product is that it is buildable. So if you don't want it as pigmented you can apply a little, or if you want that intense color, apply a lot. When this product says long lasting, it is long lasting. Which means once you let the product dry it is not going anywhere. When swatching the product, I tried it twice. Once to remove it when it was still wet (it came off pretty easily) but once it was dry, you really need to scrub to get it off. Which is something I love about a product, when it lives up to that long lasting power, that is amazing.

This product will be coming out soon and you will be able to purchase it from https://mirabellabeauty.com/ for $29.00.

Mirabella Beauty Highligher in Swirling Pearl Brilliant

Hey loves, I have some exciting post coming your way. I recently received the new Faerie Holiday collection from Mirabella Beauty to review for you guys from Mirabella themselves. So I have 4 different products from this collection to show you. And let me tell you, its a great collection. Today I will be reviewing one of there top highlights which they relaunched just for this collection.

Swirling Pearl Brilliant is a very beautiful champagne color. As you can see from the photos the colors are mixed together, so you have a little bit of gold and little bit of light pink, when swirled together it turns into champagne which is perfect for my skin tone. It looks beautiful on the skin and shows up lovely in natural light. The texture was very smooth so a little bit of product can go a long way. I am in love with the packaging and the swirling effect of the product. The product is a mixture of different type of textures like baked, fluid and cream which is what makes the product so soft and long lasting.

If you are looking for a great high lighter to add to your holiday wish list, I would for sure snag this baby up. It only retails for $40.00 and can be found a www.MirabellaBeauty.com 

MAC Limited Edition Lipstick in No Faux Pas

Hey loves, I am so excited that the MAC holiday collection for 2014 has finally been released. So far I have only purchased three lipsticks, but I do plan on getting more once I see more swatches and everything, so I don't want to get something I won't use. But as for the 3 lipsticks I got, I seriously love them all. So today I will be talking about No Faux Pas which is a bright hot pink matte shade. 

First of all I am in love with the packaging. It's black and has this beautiful silver sparkle to it. Which you can feel on the tube so its not smooth but textured. As for this color, I thought it was very bright and pretty opaque. It did take a while to apply because I wanted it to be perfect since it is such a bright color. If you want something fun for the holidays I would so check this baby out.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Review

Hey loves, today I am back with a different type of review. Instead of doing a makeup review, today I will be doing a review on a new skin care product to try out. This is the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, which I never tried anything from Dermalogica before so I was very thrilled to try out this product. 

The daily microfoliant is a product that can be used on all skin conditions. I do have acne and my skin type is combination dry-normal. The one thing I was the most worried about with trying this product was thinking it was going to dry my skin out. But after using it everyday my skin felt so renewed and it did not dry out my skin at all. This is a very gentle exfoliating product. It can be used daily unlike a lot of other exfoliating products. 

To use this product you pour about a half-teaspoon of product into your wet hands and you rub your hands together to create a creamy paste. Then all you do is rub it all over your face for one minute and then you rinse it off with warm water. It leaves your skin feeling extremely smooth and it does not irritate your skin either. 

This is a product I would highly recommend, especially if you have sensitive skin like me.  It can be found at your local Ulta for only $52.00 which is such a great deal because you do get 2.6 oz of product. I know for a fact I will be trying out other products by Dermalogica. And if you have any products by them that you recommend to me, please leave me a comment below!

This product was sent to me to review, but that does not affect my over all thoughts on this product.

Wet N Wild Limited Edition Lipstick in Urban Nights

Hey loves, this is the last post I will be doing on the Wet N Wild Halloween collection 2014. This is the other lipstick I had gotten from the collection and honestly its amazing. I know Wet n Wild recently came out with a matte shade called Urban Night, but this one is different and its called Urban Nights, so just incase you get confused by the name it is two different lip colors.

Urban Nights is a beautiful color for the fall. Its that perfect cranberry red color and it just screams fall. I really loved the texture of this lipstick and it was so easy to apply. It has such a beautiful finish and it lasts for hours. I was wearing this and I was drinking out of a can and eating, and the color was still there. I love the Wet N Wild lipsticks so much!

You can find this collection at select Walgreens.

Wet N Wild Limited Edition Lipstick in Rose To Fame

Since I have been on a kick with the Wet N Wild Halloween collection, I thought I would go a head and share my lipstick picks from the collection that I had picked up. Not all of the colors in the collection were limited edition so I wasn't sure which ones to get so I wanted to make sure I didn't have the colors already so I did only pick up two so far. The one I will be talking about today is limited edition and in the shade Rose To Fame which I am in love with.

Rose To Fame is a beautiful rose pink shade. It is more of the pinky nude type color but with a little more hint of rose. It is one of those my lips but better color. It does have a matte finish, which these lipsticks by Wet n Wild are one of my favorite and they are only $1.99. Just like there other lipsticks, they are so easy to apply and are very smooth and hydrating for being a matte lipstick. I will be wearing this lipstick all the time because it is honestly such a great color for my skin tone.

This collection is only at Walgreens location.

Wet N Wild Limited Edition Palette in A Karat in the World

Hey loves, I have another post on one of the new Limited Edition Wet N Wild palettes from there Halloween collection. I actually went back to Walgreens last night to take one more look at the display and I ended up picking up two of the limited edition matte lipsticks, so I will have those up shortly as well. But for now, I wanted to post swatches of the A Karat in the World palette. When I saw this one in the display I just had to get it, but I wasn't very impressed once I actually swatched it. 

This palette comes with a golden yellow for the browbone, a cream color for the base which was actually very chalky. A deep brown for the definer which was probably the most pigmented shade in this palette. The eyelid shade is my favorite because its a very pretty taupe color and the lastly we have a brownie brown color for the crease which was fairly pigmented. Compared to the other palette I posted about, this one was not as pigmented and the shadows were pretty chalky. The only shades I think I will actually use in this palette are the definer shade and the eyelid shade.

These palettes are only available at Walgreens. 

Wet N Wild Limited Edition Palette in Daring Downtown

Hey loves, I finally found the new Wet N Wild Halloween 2014 display at my local Walgreens, so of course I had to pick up a couple of the palettes that were in the display. When it comes to limited edition Wet N Wild stuff, I tend to go a little crazy because Wet N Wild has really good quality items for a low price. So today I will be showing you swatches of one of the new palettes in Daring Downtown. 

Daring Downtown is a very dark palette. I do not own anything like this in my collection. So it was pretty daring for me to get since I normally don't wear shades like this. If you notice in the other Wet N Wild palettes, they usually lead you on how to make a look using the palette, but this one didn't have anything labeled like the others, so it can be a little over whelming on where you want to put which eyeshadow. 

I noticed most of the colors to be basically the same just with a little undertone of a different color. One has a hint of purple, a hint of green, hint of blue, hint of orange and an almost black shade. All with little glitters. I thought the pigmentation was great, but sometimes its hard to tell the difference between each shade. Also I did noticed a little fall out, but the colors were not chalky at all. Honestly, this palette would be extremely hard to make a look using just the colors inside, so I may occasionally grab one to put into my crease, but over all I do not see myself using this that much. But I do think it is a great palette for the Halloween time because you might be able to make a pretty wicked look using these shades.

Let me know in the comments below what you think of this palette. I do believe the Halloween collection can only be found a select Walgreens.

NYX Matte Lipstick in Natural

If you have been following my blog or my Instagram for a while now, you know I am a huge NYX fan, like its one of my all time favorite drug store brands and Ulta recently had there NYX stuff 40% so of course I had to jump on that deal. While browsing the matte lipsticks, I came a crossed this one and its in the shade Natural

Natural is a beautiful deep rose shade which kind of reminds me of a Kylier Jenner look. I have so many lipsticks in my collection, and I do not own a shade like this, and its honestly the perfect everyday lip color for me. NYX has the best matte lipsticks in my opinion. They are super long wearing, even when drinking and eating. And they are very pigmented and slide on your lips so smooth. They are not drying and just look amazing on the lips.

You can purchase NYX Matte Lipsticks here or anywhere else NYX can be found. They are usually between $5-$6 so they are super affordable.

Tarte Chic To Cheek Blush Set Swatches & Review

Hey loves, I am really excited about todays blog post. It is going to be on the new Tarte Chic To Cheek Blush Set which is part of there Holiday 2014 collection. Surprisingly I have never owned a Tarte blush before, so when I saw this set I knew I had to get it. It comes with 4 different blushes that have a beautiful gold detailing on the compact which I fell in love with. I think Tarte has one of the best packaging when it comes to the holidays. Also these blushes are all limited edition shades so you cannot buy these individually in stores. 

So I will say my thoughts on each blush individually and then I will give my final verdict at the end! 

The first shade I will be talking about is Classic. Classic is considered a soft apricot pink. Which was one of the shades I was most excited for. I do not own anything like it so that was a huge plus for me. It is a beautiful soft pink and is going to be perfect for everyday wear.

Second we have Daydream which is considered a rosy pink which to me looks a little more berry then pink. It is a very dark blush compared to the other shades which makes it perfect for the fall and winter time. 

Next we have Amour which is a candy pink. This is one of the colors that would be perfect to wear at at a new years eve party because it adds the most beautiful color on your cheeks. 

Lastly we have Prim which is a plum nude. I have very pale skin so this might even work as more of a bronzing shade for me, but I still think it would look beautiful on my cheeks as well just to add some warmness to my skin.

Overall I was very impressed with the formula of each shade. They all were very smooth to apply and one thing I noticed right away was that there isn't any fall out, so you don't need to worry when you are adding the color to your cheeks. It has more of a still formula then a buttery formula which is something I love when it comes to blush. 

This set is $35.00 and you get 1.5g of product in each blush. Which I highly doubt I will use that much blush in my life time since I have so many colors to choose from, but either way this is an amazing deal and you are getting very good quality blushes. This is something I highly recommend you add to your wish list because I know you will all love them as much as I do! 

You can purchase this blush set here for $35.00.