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Tarte Chic To Cheek Blush Set Swatches & Review

Hey loves, I am really excited about todays blog post. It is going to be on the new Tarte Chic To Cheek Blush Set which is part of there Holiday 2014 collection. Surprisingly I have never owned a Tarte blush before, so when I saw this set I knew I had to get it. It comes with 4 different blushes that have a beautiful gold detailing on the compact which I fell in love with. I think Tarte has one of the best packaging when it comes to the holidays. Also these blushes are all limited edition shades so you cannot buy these individually in stores. 

So I will say my thoughts on each blush individually and then I will give my final verdict at the end! 

The first shade I will be talking about is Classic. Classic is considered a soft apricot pink. Which was one of the shades I was most excited for. I do not own anything like it so that was a huge plus for me. It is a beautiful soft pink and is going to be perfect for everyday wear.

Second we have Daydream which is considered a rosy pink which to me looks a little more berry then pink. It is a very dark blush compared to the other shades which makes it perfect for the fall and winter time. 

Next we have Amour which is a candy pink. This is one of the colors that would be perfect to wear at at a new years eve party because it adds the most beautiful color on your cheeks. 

Lastly we have Prim which is a plum nude. I have very pale skin so this might even work as more of a bronzing shade for me, but I still think it would look beautiful on my cheeks as well just to add some warmness to my skin.

Overall I was very impressed with the formula of each shade. They all were very smooth to apply and one thing I noticed right away was that there isn't any fall out, so you don't need to worry when you are adding the color to your cheeks. It has more of a still formula then a buttery formula which is something I love when it comes to blush. 

This set is $35.00 and you get 1.5g of product in each blush. Which I highly doubt I will use that much blush in my life time since I have so many colors to choose from, but either way this is an amazing deal and you are getting very good quality blushes. This is something I highly recommend you add to your wish list because I know you will all love them as much as I do! 

You can purchase this blush set here for $35.00.


  1. I really want to steal Daydream and Prim from you, especially PRIM! I love nude brown blushes!! These are amazing, I wish I had the budget to go out and buy 4 tarte blushes right now! They're quite marked up here!