November 2014 - Mommy Life Up North

LORAC Vintage Vixen Matte Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

Hey everyone today I have an exciting post on the new LORAC Vintage Vixen Matte Eyeshadow palette. This palette, as well as another palette was released as part of the Black Friday deals and it is only exclusive at Ulta. It comes with 5 different matte eye shadows and is only $12.00.

One thing I love the most about this palette is the colors. It comes with beautiful neutral colors with a pop of a burgundy brick red color. I found all of the shades to be extremely pigmented and just like the other LORAC shadows, they were very buttery, which I love when it comes to applying the shadows and blending them out. One thing that I dislike about the smaller LORAC palettes is that each shade does not have a name so it makes it a little harder when explaining the colors. I feel like some of the colors in this palette could compare to a couple different shades in the Naked Basics palettes by Urban Decay. So I might do a post comparing the colors. 

I just quickly wanted to get up swatches for you incase your Ulta store still has these in stock. I think it is a must have for the winter time and a awesome deal for only $12.00. $12.00

Makeup By One Direction Liquilights Glow Gloss Kit Swatches & Review

Hey loves, I have some exciting post coming your way. I was able to receive a ton of the new Makeup By One Direction kits to review for you guys and I thought it would be perfect timing since Christmas is right around the corner and these sets would be perfect for either makeup junkies, or for that One Direction fan. The set I will be reviewing in this post will be on the Makeup By One Direction Liquilights Glow Gloss Kit that comes with 3 different lip glosses. This makeup line was created by the amazing Markwins. Also this is a limited edition set.

In the Liquilights Glow Gloss Kit you get 3 different shades of glittery glosses. The first shade is Kiss You which is a orange shade, but when applied to the lips it looks gold which I think would look beautiful on top of a lot of different lipsticks. Next is Taken which is more of a fuchsia hot pink color. And lastly is Through The Dark which is more a magenta red color. All of these glosses are loaded with glitter, so if you do not like the texture of glitter, you may not like these glosses. I think they look beautiful on the lips and would make wonderful toppers to any of your favorite Holiday lipstick. My favorite from the 3 would have to be Taken. I was also very surprised with the color pay off. I thought they were going to be more sheer, but they for sure have a lot of color to them. 

I think anyone who loves One Direction and makeup will love this set. You can purchase the set at for $16.50 so it is very affordable.  

Click "read more" for more photos and swatches

Paula Dorf Aztec City Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hey everyone, today I have a review on the Paula Dorf Aztec City Eyeshadow Palette, which was sent to me to review. The palette comes with 5 different eyeshadows which are all perfect for a everyday look. I feel in love with there eyebrow product, so I was extremely happy to be able to review this palette.

This palette comes with a cream color, which didn't really show up on my skin tone since I am very pale, but I think it would make a great brow bone highlight shade. Next we have this very beautiful light blue color which has a hint of golden shimmer mixed through it, which this color just adds a nice pop to your makeup look. I found this shade to be very pigmented. Next we have a shimmery grey color which has more of a purple undertone. I found this shadow to be a little chalky and did have some fall out, but overall I think this will be a great shade to define my eyes. Next we have a matte light brown which will make a great crease color. I loved the formula of this shadow. I had little fall out and the pigmentation was on point. And lastly it comes with a dark brown matte color which is a great crease color as well, or even for the outer corner. This shade as well had great color pay off.

Overall some of the shadows were a hit and some were a miss. The mattes and the blue shade are my favorite from this palette. I would give it a overall B rating since I love the packaging and most of the colors were pigmented and not chalky. You can purchase this palette at for $36.00 and also you can use the CODE "TEAL" to receive a free mascara which I also included in this post.  
I love the packaging of the mascara. It was hard to capture the teal on my camera, and it wasn't very noticeable on the lashes.

Bite Beauty Best Bite Remix Swatches

Hey loves I have an exciting post on one of the best Holiday items that I have purchased this year and its on the Bite Beauty Best Bite Remix set. This can be found at Sephora for only $25.00 and it comes with 4 different high pigment lip pencils. Currently this set is sold out online, but you still might be able to get your hands on it in stores. I have been obsessed with Bite Beauty lately and as soon as I saw this online I jumped on it. It is such a great deal and the high pigment lip pencils are literally amazing. I kinda went a little picture crazy, so I hope you don't mind!

I am going to talk about each shade in order from the swatches below.

  • Sable- is a very beautiful peachy nude shade
  • Rhubarb- is a berry mauve shade (this one is my favorite out of the whole set)
  • Winterberry- just like the name, its a berry color. It looks more red then berry, but you can still see the hint of purple mixed in there
  • Pomegranate- is a beautiful true red color (I think this will be the shade I wear for Christmas)
One thing I really love about this set is the cute packaging. It comes in a tin that you can use for anything you want and it comes with cute tissue paper that has bunch of B's on it. I think its the cutest thing in the world.

I am so in love with the pigmentation and how amazing these feel on the lips. If you haven't tried any Bite Beauty products before, I highly recommend you trying the high pigment lip pencils which can be found at for $24.00 each and they come in many different shades.

Ulta Eyeshadow in Aztec Gold

Hey loves, I have been meaning to review some of the single eyeshadows I have from Ulta, and I finally was able to take photos and test them out, so I thought I would finally do a review on the shades that I own. About a month or two ago I was able to get some of the single shadows for 3 for $9 so I thought it was a wonderful deal. For this post I will be reviewing the shade Aztec Gold. 

Aztec Gold is a beautiful gold color and its considered a glitter finish. With there single eyeshadows you can get them in 3 different finishes, GL  (glitter), MT (matte), and SH (shimmer). So if you are a fan of a certain finish then you have a lot of options to choose from. When I saw this eyeshadow I thought it would be a perfect shade for the winter and a great all over the lid shade to wear on Christmas. I noticed right away there was A LOT of fall out. And the color was not as pigmented as I was hoping for. It was really hard to apply the shadow, since like I said there was a lot of fall out. And the texture was very dry so it was not easy to blend at all. I think if I go out and purchase more, I will probably stay away from the glitter finishes. 

Right now has there single eyeshadows on sale for only $5.00.

Limited Edition MAC Makeup For Sale!

Hey everyone, right now Glambot has some amazing LE MAC lipstick up to purchase at a discounted price. 

All these items above are currently instock as well as some other great LE stuff and also other makeup brands as well. If you click the link "here" you can get $5.00 your purchase! 

MONAT Rejuveniqe Oil Review

Hey loves, today I have a very exciting review for you guys on the MONAT Rejuveniqe Oil. I am always looking for new products to try in my hair, and with the cold weather here, my hair gets extremely brittle and dry. I was sent this product to review, but all opinions are my own. 

The Rejuveniqe Oil has a lot of benefits. It provides tons of nutrients to your hair, it protects your hair from damage when your brushing or styling it, it helps with hydration and many other great things for your hair. Like I said in the beginning my hair is brittle, dry, frizzy and very thin and this oil has helped a lot. It makes your hair look healthy and the best part, it does not leave your hair looking greasy which is something I am always worried about when it comes to oils for your hair. But this product is a miracle worker for my hair. 

It also has a wonderful scent. To me it smells like oranges which I love. I have tried so many hair oils in the passed and this will be one that I will keep using. The only downside about this product is that it is pretty pricey. 

You can purchase this product at $99.00 or if you are a VIP member you can get it for $84.00.

New Wet N Wild Lipstick in Dark Wine

Hey everyone, I know its been forever since I actually made a blog post, but I do have some fun exciting post coming your way. And to get it started, I have a new Wet N Wild lipstick to share with you guys. Recently Wet N Wild redid there lipsticks and nail polishes for the beginning of the new year, and they are strictly the $1.00 lipsticks and nail polishes. I recently came a crossed the new display at my local Dollar General. I am sure they will start appearing in other stores in the near future. I picked up two of the new lipsticks and I got them for free because had a $1.00 off of one Wet N Wild product strictly for Dollar General, so I thought it would be perfect to use one a couple of the new lipsticks. 

Dark Wine was calling my name. It was the darkest shade I could see in the whole display so of course it was perfect for the fall/winter time. I really have been loving vampy lips and this shade is AMAZING. I never tried the other $1.00 Wet N Wild lipsticks, so I didn't have much to compare this one to. First off, I do like the new packaging compared to the old ones. The black looks more classier and the silver packaging always looked so cheap to me. One thing I was surprised with right away was how smooth the lipstick applied. I thought it was going to be drying or hard to apply but this baby glided on super easily and I was very impressed. Dark Wine is just a beautiful deep deep wine color which is the perfect vampy lip for the fall time and for $1.00 you can't beat it.

J.Cat Beauty Love Struck Blusher + Bronzer in Lovey Dovey

Hey loves, here is the other J.Cat Beauty Love Struck Blusher + Bronzer that I have to review for you. Lets just say that I am in LOVE with this blusher. It has got to be my new favorite blush from now on. 

Lovey Dovey is a beautiful baby pink color. And can we just talk about how cute the name is?! It really made me fall even more in love with this blush. The outer most shade is a light pink and then the cat is a beautiful shimmery magenta color and when swirled together you get such a beautiful pink color. Just like the other blush, the cat does wear off, so the more you use the blush, the more the cat will disappear. I love how soft the blush is. You would think with such a soft product that there would be a lot of product fall out but not on this blush. And also the colors are very pigmented. A little bit of product goes such a long way.

I recommend these blushes to anyone that is looking for a great blush and also on a budget. You can purchase this blush at for $3.99.

J.Cat Beauty Love Struck Blusher + Bronzer in Sweatheart

Hey loves today I have an exciting review for you on the all new J.Cat Beauty Love Struck Blusher + Bronzer. I have two to review for you guys, but today I will be focusing on the shade Sweetheart. I was very excited to get a chance to review a couple of these because they are so beautiful and I love the little cat detail in the middle. 

Sweetheart is a beautiful light coral shade. With the swatches, I swatched just the outline of the cat which was a light coral, and then I swatched just the cat and it was more of a copper shade with tons of shimmer, and when you combine both you get such a beautiful color. The thing I noticed right away is when you swatch just the cat, the cat does disappear so its almost a thin layer of that shimmer. So the more you use it, the less you will see the cat. I also loved the texture of the blush. Its not powdery or chalky. Its very easy to blend and looks natural on the cheeks.

You can purchase this blusher + bronzer for only $3.99 from It is such a great deal and something I do recommend you check out.