December 2014 - Mommy Life Up North

Paula Dorf Lipstick in Legend

Hey everyone today I have another review for you guys on another Paula Dorf product. This time it is on one of the lipsticks in the shade Legend. I am such a sucker for red lips so I was extremely excited to get the opportunity to try out this product and review it for you guys. 

Legend is a beautiful cool toned red. The formula of the lipstick is very creamy and really hydrates the lips, which in the winter time its perfect to be able to have a beautiful red lip without your lips drying. I really so love the creamy formula because it applies really easy to the lips. I am also a fan of the packaging. Part of it is matte black and I love the little details all around the tube.

I really do love this lipstick and I hope to try other colors in the feature. You can perchase this lipstick a for $22.00 and if you use coupon code LIPCOLOR you will get 20% your entire purchase of the lipsticks. 

New Covergirl Lipstick in Darling Kiss

Hey everyone, I am so excited about this post because if you read my last Covergirl post I talked about how I could not find anymore of the new Covergirl products, but guess what?! My Walmart finally had the new lipsticks! I was so excited to finally spot them and they only had one of each color so far! So if you are on the look out for these, I would check out your local Walmart. I wasn't sure which colors to get so I did only pick up two. I got a nude shade and then I got this pink shade as well.

Darling Kiss is a perfect everyday lipstick color. It's a beautiful light nude pink which really flatters my lips. I am in love with the new packaging of these lipsticks because the packaging is the color of which type of tone the lipstick is. They have the lipsticks divided into Smooth Nudes, Luscious Pinks, Rich Reds and Yummy Plums. I think it makes it a lot easier when trying to pick out which shades you would like to try. 

I thought the lipstick its self had a very nice texture. It was nice a smooth when applying and it had more of a satin finish to it. The only thing I didn't care for was the smell. It smells like there older lip sticks and its a very powerful scent. If you don't mind scents then I think you would love these lipsticks. 

I hope to try out some of the reds and plums in the future!

You can now purchase this lipstick at 

New Covergirl Quad in Go For Golds

Hey everyone today I have another exciting post on one of the new Covergirl quads. Covergirl recently released a bunch of new makeup from lipsticks, to foundations to eyeshadows, and I haven't came a crossed the lipsticks yet, but I finally spotted one of the new quads from a store called Shopko so I had to pick it up. The stores near me either take forever to get new stuff, or are one of the first which sucks sometimes since I always want to make sure I can get the new products to test for you guys, but luckily I found this quad. 

Go For Golds comes with the most beautiful shades which I cannot wait to use this quad for the holidays. It comes with a gold shadow which is pretty sheer, but makes a good topper on top of another shadow. Then we have a more opaque gold which will make a perfect all over the lid color. Next we have a shimmery medium shade brown which was a lot very pigmented, and lastly we have a dark matte brown which will be awesome for the outer corner and even on the lower lash line. 

I never really cared for Covergirl shadows in the past, so I was a little skeptical when picking this one up because I just expected the shadows to not be pigmented or buttery. But as soon as I started swatching and blending I instantly got so excited because the shadows are so pigmented and buttery. Like I said the only one that was not very opaque was the first shade which is more glittery then the rest. But I think it would look beautiful over shade two. 

I am very pleased with this quad and I hope to find the others in stores soon so I can review and swatch those for you as well! The retail price was $7.99 but of course it may differ depending on where you are purchasing it from. 

Maybelline Color Molton Eyeshadow Duo in Midnight Morph

Hey everyone I have an exciting review on the new Maybelline Color Molten Eyeshadow duo's. I have been looking for the new products and was only able to come a crossed the eyeshadows for now. When I started playing with the shadows, I was not expecting the texture to be how it was. I didn't read the display nor really research too much into the product until I started to use it.

The texture is bouncy, almost like the Maybelline bouncy blushes. It is a cream to powder finish, which it is a little hard to apply using a brush so I would recommend just using your fingers and blending onto the eyelid. 

The duo I got was Midnight Morph which I thought it was the perfect duo featuring a light beige shade as well as a darker blackish blue color. I love the shimmer in each shade. I thought the pigmentation would have been worse considering the type of product it is, but I was very surprised with how pigmented each color actually was. They were a little patchy so you may need to really pack on the color if you want a very rich color look. 

Overall I wasn't super impressed, I still may pick up another duo just so I have more colors. You can find this duo at Walgreen's and I believe it was $7.99. I am assuming these will be hitting places like Walmart and Target which may lower the price down a little. 

Lily Lolo Laid Bare Eye Palette Swatches & Review

Hey everyone, today I have an exciting post on a palette by Lily Lolo. This is the Laid Bare Eye Palette, and it comes with some of the most beautiful everyday eye colors. Lily Lolo has some amazing products from eye makeup, to face makeup and lip products! You can purchase Lily Lolo in the US as well as in the UK, so if you are interested in this palette, you can totally get your hands on it no matter where you live, which I love! 

The Laid Bare Eye Palette comes with 8 different shades:

  • Stark Naked- which is a matte nude color with a hint of pinky beige
  • Au Natural- which is a shimmery pink nude
  • Skinny Dip- which is a shimmery golden beige
  • Shy Away- which is a smokey taupe color
  • Lady Godiva- which is a shimmery rich gold
  • Birthday Suit- which is a matte grey color (which I am in love with the name of this shadow)
  • Exhibitionist- which is a matte olive color
  • Exposed- which is a demi-matte charcoal color
I honestly love all of the names in the palette. I also love that there is a verity of different finishes from mattes to shimmers. I am a huge fan of each finish so its nice to be able to choose which one I would like to use. I also love the colors. Some of them remind me of a few shades in the Naked 3 palette. I was very impressed with how pigmented these colors were. when applying them, I didn't have to pack the color on because they were so pigmented. I think the shimmery shades stood out the most to me in this palette.

I love the packaging because its nice and slim and will be very easy to use while traveling. And since the colors are such perfect every day shades, I know I will be using this palette a lot. And it is a palette I would highly recommend to you. They do have another palette that I now need to get my hands on!

If you are interested in this palette it can be found at for $34.00.

The Perfect Red Lip

Hey loves today I have an exciting post on some of my favorite red lipsticks. During the winter time, and especially during the holidays, I am a huge fan of red lips. So I thought I would share with you some of my favorites. I tried to choose a few drug store lipsticks, as well as some MAC lipsticks. So if you are on a budget, some of these would be perfect for you!

  • Milani Lipstick in Red Label- is consider to be a bright blue red color. I have always been a huge fan of Milani lipsticks and this one is amazing. It is so flattering on the lips and only retails for $5.49 at
  • Palladio Lipstick in Red Carpet- which is a beautiful matte red shade. I am in love with this color because it is matte, but its very creamy, so its not drying on the lips at all. And its only $7.00 at
  • MAC Lipstick in Viva Glam I- this shade is by far one of my favorites. This is a deeper red and looks amazing on the lips. Just like every MAC lipstick (other then LE packaging) it retails for $16.00 at
  • MAC Lipstick in Viva Glam Rihanna- this is also one of my favorites. It's more of a brighter red and its a little more wearable compared to Viva Glam I. I love the red packaging and the amazing color payoff. This lipstick is also $16.00 at
  • MAC Lipstick in Salon Rouge- this is from this years holiday collection. Its a deep red matte color with a little hint of a berry undertone. I am also a sucker for the packaging. This lipstick is $17.50 at
  • Wet N wild Lipstick in Cherry Frost- this lipstick is part of there new lipstick collection. I can be found at Dollar General currently. It is just like there other .99 cent lipsticks, just re packaged. I love the formula of this lipstick and the color is amazing for less then $1.00.

New Makeup by One Direction Limited-Edition Beauty Collection

Hey loves today I have another exciting post on the new Limited Edition Makeup By One Direction Beauty Collection. I was sent this palette to review for you guys and I am so excited to share it with you. This palette comes with 6 different eye shadows, 4 lip glosses, two nail polishes, a eye liner, and a lip top coat. Plus if you have a favorite band member, you can get his face on your case as well. They have 5 different limited edition tin, all of the colors are the same, just a different band member on the front. These lovely palettes were made by Markwins.

Eye Shadows:

  • Nobody Compares- which is a metallic silver
  • Tell Me A Lie- which is a metallic nude pink
  • Same Mistakes- which is a metallic mint
  • I Would- which is a smokey brown shimmer
  • Summer Love- which is a smokey purple haze
  • Everything About You- which is a smokey black shimmer
I thought the pigmentation was amazing on these shadows. I thought the first row swatched better compared to the second row, but the color pay off was amazing. My favorite colors from the eye shadows are Nobody Compares, Tell Me A Lie & Same Mistakes. I didn't notice any fall out with the shadows which I was really impressed with.

Lip Gloss:

  • Loved You First- which is a bubble gum pink
  • One Thing- which is a frosted pink ice
  • Irresistible- which is a shimmered pearl
  • Heart Attack- which is a creamy rose shine
For the glosses, there was only one that really impressed me which was Loved You First, which the color was amazing. The others did appear pretty sheer so they were hardly noticeable on my lips. I did love the fact that these were not sticky at all, which I hate when it comes to glosses, but with these I didn't notice any stickiness. 

Nail Polishes:

  • Stole My Heart- which is a magenta shimmer
  • Alive- which is a colored glittery flakes
Eye Pencil:

  • I Want- which is a true matte black
I thought the pencil was stiff. It doesn't slide on super easy but it did have very good color pay off.

Lip Gloss Top Coat:

  • Over Again- which is a silver glitter sparkle
Overall I think this is a great set. I love the eye shadows and can see myself wearing these a lot since they are so pigmented. I think any One Direction lover will be in love with this set. You can find this set at Target, KMart, Sears and Walmart.

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