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New Covergirl Lipstick in Darling Kiss

Hey everyone, I am so excited about this post because if you read my last Covergirl post I talked about how I could not find anymore of the new Covergirl products, but guess what?! My Walmart finally had the new lipsticks! I was so excited to finally spot them and they only had one of each color so far! So if you are on the look out for these, I would check out your local Walmart. I wasn't sure which colors to get so I did only pick up two. I got a nude shade and then I got this pink shade as well.

Darling Kiss is a perfect everyday lipstick color. It's a beautiful light nude pink which really flatters my lips. I am in love with the new packaging of these lipsticks because the packaging is the color of which type of tone the lipstick is. They have the lipsticks divided into Smooth Nudes, Luscious Pinks, Rich Reds and Yummy Plums. I think it makes it a lot easier when trying to pick out which shades you would like to try. 

I thought the lipstick its self had a very nice texture. It was nice a smooth when applying and it had more of a satin finish to it. The only thing I didn't care for was the smell. It smells like there older lip sticks and its a very powerful scent. If you don't mind scents then I think you would love these lipsticks. 

I hope to try out some of the reds and plums in the future!

You can now purchase this lipstick at 

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