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New Covergirl Quad in Go For Golds

Hey everyone today I have another exciting post on one of the new Covergirl quads. Covergirl recently released a bunch of new makeup from lipsticks, to foundations to eyeshadows, and I haven't came a crossed the lipsticks yet, but I finally spotted one of the new quads from a store called Shopko so I had to pick it up. The stores near me either take forever to get new stuff, or are one of the first which sucks sometimes since I always want to make sure I can get the new products to test for you guys, but luckily I found this quad. 

Go For Golds comes with the most beautiful shades which I cannot wait to use this quad for the holidays. It comes with a gold shadow which is pretty sheer, but makes a good topper on top of another shadow. Then we have a more opaque gold which will make a perfect all over the lid color. Next we have a shimmery medium shade brown which was a lot very pigmented, and lastly we have a dark matte brown which will be awesome for the outer corner and even on the lower lash line. 

I never really cared for Covergirl shadows in the past, so I was a little skeptical when picking this one up because I just expected the shadows to not be pigmented or buttery. But as soon as I started swatching and blending I instantly got so excited because the shadows are so pigmented and buttery. Like I said the only one that was not very opaque was the first shade which is more glittery then the rest. But I think it would look beautiful over shade two. 

I am very pleased with this quad and I hope to find the others in stores soon so I can review and swatch those for you as well! The retail price was $7.99 but of course it may differ depending on where you are purchasing it from. 


  1. This quad looks awesome! I would love to try a small palette from covergirl! The shadows look so much better on swatch than in the pan!

    1. I agree! I finally found more new palettes so I need to pick those up next as well :D

  2. Love the colours