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New Makeup by One Direction Limited-Edition Beauty Collection

Hey loves today I have another exciting post on the new Limited Edition Makeup By One Direction Beauty Collection. I was sent this palette to review for you guys and I am so excited to share it with you. This palette comes with 6 different eye shadows, 4 lip glosses, two nail polishes, a eye liner, and a lip top coat. Plus if you have a favorite band member, you can get his face on your case as well. They have 5 different limited edition tin, all of the colors are the same, just a different band member on the front. These lovely palettes were made by Markwins.

Eye Shadows:

  • Nobody Compares- which is a metallic silver
  • Tell Me A Lie- which is a metallic nude pink
  • Same Mistakes- which is a metallic mint
  • I Would- which is a smokey brown shimmer
  • Summer Love- which is a smokey purple haze
  • Everything About You- which is a smokey black shimmer
I thought the pigmentation was amazing on these shadows. I thought the first row swatched better compared to the second row, but the color pay off was amazing. My favorite colors from the eye shadows are Nobody Compares, Tell Me A Lie & Same Mistakes. I didn't notice any fall out with the shadows which I was really impressed with.

Lip Gloss:

  • Loved You First- which is a bubble gum pink
  • One Thing- which is a frosted pink ice
  • Irresistible- which is a shimmered pearl
  • Heart Attack- which is a creamy rose shine
For the glosses, there was only one that really impressed me which was Loved You First, which the color was amazing. The others did appear pretty sheer so they were hardly noticeable on my lips. I did love the fact that these were not sticky at all, which I hate when it comes to glosses, but with these I didn't notice any stickiness. 

Nail Polishes:

  • Stole My Heart- which is a magenta shimmer
  • Alive- which is a colored glittery flakes
Eye Pencil:

  • I Want- which is a true matte black
I thought the pencil was stiff. It doesn't slide on super easy but it did have very good color pay off.

Lip Gloss Top Coat:

  • Over Again- which is a silver glitter sparkle
Overall I think this is a great set. I love the eye shadows and can see myself wearing these a lot since they are so pigmented. I think any One Direction lover will be in love with this set. You can find this set at Target, KMart, Sears and Walmart.

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  1. I've been seeing lots of kits from them and the only one I really like is the bright teal/blue set. Some of the products seem okay but I would give this only to a fan of them. I won't be getting anything from them!