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Maybelline The Brights Palette

Hi loves, today I have a really REALLY exciting post on the all new Maybelline The Brights collection which I recently found at my local Target. Months and months ago I saw a post that Maybelline was going to be releasing this palette as well as The Smokes palette, which I still have not been able to find, but when I saw this in the display I was jumping for joy. I love the fact that Maybelline was the first drug store brand to bring out full on palettes (not including NYX & Sonia Kashuk).

The Brights palette features 12 shades.

Top Row:

  • A shimmery white color, which this shade was very chalky and I really had to apply many coats of this color in order to get color payoff. 
  • A shimmery baby pink, which again I had to really pack on the color to get color payoff.
  • A taupe brown shade, this shade was actually pretty pigmented compared to a lot of the shades in this palette. I love taking this shade into my crease.
  • A shimmery light green, again did not have hardly any pigmentation and was also very chalky.
  • A super glittery gold, I was very bummed by this color because it looks so vibrant and beautiful in the pain but was more of like a sheer gold.
  • A deep magenta color which was one of the worse color pay off other then the dark purple. It applied really patchy.
Bottom Row:

  • A deep purple, which this color SUCKED. I don't mean to be so harsh but oh my goodness, it is so hard to work with. It's extremely patchy and the pigmentation is horrible.
  • A matte black shade, which again was horrible. It wasn't as bad as the purple but still very patchy.
  • A lighter cobalt blue shade, wasn't pigmented at all either. 
  • A peachy champaign color, which this shade is my favorite from the whole entire palette. It makes a great all over the lid shade and it was very pigmented. 
  • A baby blue color, which has pretty good pigmentation
  • A deep brick brown color, which was pigmented, and was easy to blend. 
Overall I am not happy with this palette. The more I play with it, the more problems I have with blending and just getting the vibrant color pay off. A couple of the shades were good, but the others were a complete waste. I would honestly rate this palette a D+. 


  1. Good to know, I'm sticking with my Wet'n'Wild palettes. Just curious about the smokes palette now for family/friends.

  2. My fears were correct then. Drugstore brands tend to fail at bright matte eyeshadows :( I didn't have high hopes for this. Thank you for the review! x