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MAC Lipstick in Oxblood

I am literally so happy I got the time to try out this lipstick. Everyone has been going crazy over this color and I believe it is now currently sold out everywhere online and in stores as well. And by a color like this, I am not surprised. 

Oxblood is a very beautiful matte peach nude color. Right away I noticed how smooth the formula was and it was easy to apply to your lips. So even though its a matte shade, its not an over drying matte shade. You only need to apply one layer because the color is very opaque. 

I love that MAC had used two different covers for the lipstick. First you have a sleeve, then you have the actual box. I know they used to do this awhile back, and I honestly love this added touch. I am in love with the design of the packaging as well as the amazing lipstick that is inside.

Were you able to pick this lovely lipstick up? If not what other items did you get from the Toledo collection?


  1. That color is SOOO pretty. Shame I missed it x

  2. Oh wow, this might be a perfect nude on me! I love peachy brown toned nudes like this! Not too orange and not too brown! Gorgeous!

  3. I love it, and it sold out at MAC store too. I'll buy it if you decide to sell:)