March 2015 - Mommy Life Up North

NARS Blush in Lovejoy

I seriously have been on a huge NARS kick lately. Ever since I got back from the Mall of America, I just can't get enough. If you watched my haul video you would have known I purchased this blush from Sephora and I was in love. Well a week ago I bought another blush as well! I seriously just fell in love and I will not stop until I get every single NARS blush out there! LOL, but today I am only going to be talking about the shade Lovejoy. 

Lovejoy is a shimmering bronzed rose. When I was in Sephora I thought the blush was going to be a little more lighter, but when I got back to my hotel I noticed it was much darker, which I was a little nervous about because I am so pale, but I ended up loving the shade. It is a beautiful bronze color that does have a hint of rose to it. It's actually a great everyday shade and looks really well on my skin tone. I love the texture of this blush because there was no fall out and the blush was not chalky or anything. It blended nicely and just gave me such a flawless look.

The only downside about the blush is the price. NARS is a very expensive brand in my opinion, so each blush does detail for $30.00.

The Girl Behind the Blog Week 1

Hey everyone, I wanted to start something a little bit different then my normal beauty post. I wanted a way for everyone to get to know me a little bit better and just to see somethings about my life other then just makeup, because surprisingly I do a lot of things outside of blogging and making beauty videos. So each week I am going to try and post some photos from my personal life as well just update you on little things.

So over the past weekend my niece and nephew had there last basketball game of the current program they were joined. So my sister wanted me to take a couple photos for her so I thought I would share some of the photos that I took.

This is my niece Emilee and she is in 4th grade. We love having sleep overs because she is super into doing crafts like me so we always find fun things to do. 

And this is my nephew Hayden. He is in 2nd grade and just like any other boy he is very goofy and its so hard to get a picture of him just smiling. He loves sleeping over and staying up and playing video games with my boyfriend.

And of course I could not forget my littlest niece Kamryn. She will be 4 in April. She was too little to be part of this basketball program, but it didn't stop her from putting on her big brothers jersey to take a photo with her big sister!

I really hope you guys will enjoy this little series. I love my family and they seriously mean the world to me, so I really want to share parts of my life with you all! I hope you guys enjoy <3

MAC Limited Edition Palette in Stroke of Midnight

I love when makeup companies come out with Disney themed packaging/products, so when I found out MAC was coming out with a Cinderella collection I was extremely excited! I love the beautiful blue packaging with the gold outline. It looks so classy and really sums up Cinderella. They had many products to choose from, and I ended up only getting two items from the collection. I got this palette which is the Stroke of Midnight palette, as well as one of the lipsticks, which I will save that review for another post. But since I was so in love with this palette I wanted to make sure it had a post of its own.

This palette comes with 6 different eyeshadows, which all of them are permanent except for one:

  • Vapour- peach pink with a violet pearl (velvet finish)
  • Phloof!- frosted off white (frost finish)
  • Omega- soft muted beige taupe (matte finish)
  • Quarry- soft muted plum brown (matte)
  • Satin Taupe- taupe with silver shimmer (frost finish)
  • Stroke of Midnight- black plum with sparkle pearl (velvet finish) 
The only limited edition shade in the palette is Stroke of Might, all of the others are shades you can buy at anytime. I actually only owned one shade in this palette already, so I thought it was a good deal to be able to try out 5 other MAC shades. The palette cost $44.00 and I hardly ever use up shadows so I thought it was such a great deal. If you didn't own a lot of MAC shadows before this would have been a great palette for you to try.

I love how pigmented all of the shades were and I know I will use all of the shades. Sadly this palette is sold out everywhere, but I am really in love with this palette. Let me know what you lovelies picked up from this collection!

Get Organized With Me!

Lately I have been obsessed with getting organized and just getting my life together. So I thought, why not start some blog post about my journey of getting organized and all of my fun hauls that I will be doing. My friend from Kayla, (her blog is is also really into being organized and in love with planners. She had sent me a photo on Twitter of this budget booklet she found at Michael's and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. So of course I had to go to my local Michael's to see if I could find these booklets as well.

I didn't find the budget booklet, but I did find a schedule booklet, as well as a menu booklet. So now I can organize my blog post and YouTube videos, and also plan my shopping trips and dinner ideas. Each booklet is $3.99 and they had a ton more to choose from. Also, my Michael's didn't have them in yet but you can build your own planner. So each booklet will be able to fit inside a binder and you can make it completely your own which I think is the coolest thing in the world. 

They are all part of the Recollections collection from Michael's, which I am in love with. On top of the booklets I picked up some new stickers to add to my schedule booklet. 

I am very excited to get organized! Let me know if you are into organization and planning as well! It is such a fun hobby.

Maybelline The Smokes Palette Review & Swatches

Maybelline has been so on point with releasing all of these new palettes. Every since I picked up The Nudes and The Brights, I have been on the hunt for The Smokes palette. Which I finally ended up finding at Walgreens when I was in Minnesota! I literally have been looking for this for months and when I took my trip to the Mall of America I went into a random Walgreens and it was there waiting for me. Now if you watched my little first impressions video on The Brights palette you would know I was not a fan of it at all. It was lacking major pigmentation, so I was hoping that with this palette would come amazing pigmentation, but it was pretty terrible as well.

The Smokes palette retails for $9.99-$12.99 (depending on where you are purchasing it from) and it comes with 12 different shades. 

  • Matte gray shade with a hint of dark green undertones, this shade applied really patchy and you really had to pack the color on to get good color pay off.
  • Light shade gray with a hint of shimmer, this shade was also not pigmented.
  • Dark black shade mixed with silver glitter, this shade did apply a little bit easier, but still a little patchy.
  • Light beige pink color with shimmer, this shade was probably one of the more pigmented in the palette. It had a nice texture and was easy to apply
  • Deep plum purple, super patchy and not pigmented.
  • Medium gray with hint of silver shimmery, again not pigmented and very patchy.
  • Matte medium brown, it had good color pay off, but also applied very patchy.
  • Light champagne color with shimmer, not pigmented at all.
  • Gun metal gray with silver shimmer, NOW this color was the true super star of the whole entire palette. This shade is EXTREMELY pigmented. I was really impressed when I was swatching this because it was so easy to apply and the color pay off was amazing. You can clearly tell from the swatches that this baby is amazing.
  • Light baby blue with shimmer, it shows up more silvery.
  • Deep matte dark blue, which again applied very patchy and had terrible color pay off.
  • Light baby pink with shimmer, this color barely showed up on my skin.
I was not happy with this palette at all. 90% of the shades were a huge miss. The only color that really stood out to me was the beautiful gun metal shade, which I will get my use out of it. Other then that I thought the palette was terrible. 

For a overall rating I would have to give it a D+, only because of that gun metal shade! Have you guys tried this palette yet?