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Get Organized With Me!

Lately I have been obsessed with getting organized and just getting my life together. So I thought, why not start some blog post about my journey of getting organized and all of my fun hauls that I will be doing. My friend from Kayla, (her blog is is also really into being organized and in love with planners. She had sent me a photo on Twitter of this budget booklet she found at Michael's and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. So of course I had to go to my local Michael's to see if I could find these booklets as well.

I didn't find the budget booklet, but I did find a schedule booklet, as well as a menu booklet. So now I can organize my blog post and YouTube videos, and also plan my shopping trips and dinner ideas. Each booklet is $3.99 and they had a ton more to choose from. Also, my Michael's didn't have them in yet but you can build your own planner. So each booklet will be able to fit inside a binder and you can make it completely your own which I think is the coolest thing in the world. 

They are all part of the Recollections collection from Michael's, which I am in love with. On top of the booklets I picked up some new stickers to add to my schedule booklet. 

I am very excited to get organized! Let me know if you are into organization and planning as well! It is such a fun hobby.

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