The Girl Behind the Blog Week 1 - Mommy Life Up North

The Girl Behind the Blog Week 1

Hey everyone, I wanted to start something a little bit different then my normal beauty post. I wanted a way for everyone to get to know me a little bit better and just to see somethings about my life other then just makeup, because surprisingly I do a lot of things outside of blogging and making beauty videos. So each week I am going to try and post some photos from my personal life as well just update you on little things.

So over the past weekend my niece and nephew had there last basketball game of the current program they were joined. So my sister wanted me to take a couple photos for her so I thought I would share some of the photos that I took.

This is my niece Emilee and she is in 4th grade. We love having sleep overs because she is super into doing crafts like me so we always find fun things to do. 

And this is my nephew Hayden. He is in 2nd grade and just like any other boy he is very goofy and its so hard to get a picture of him just smiling. He loves sleeping over and staying up and playing video games with my boyfriend.

And of course I could not forget my littlest niece Kamryn. She will be 4 in April. She was too little to be part of this basketball program, but it didn't stop her from putting on her big brothers jersey to take a photo with her big sister!

I really hope you guys will enjoy this little series. I love my family and they seriously mean the world to me, so I really want to share parts of my life with you all! I hope you guys enjoy <3

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