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Wet N Wild Palette in California Roll

Long time, no talk, LOL. It has been a while since I have posted a blog post, but I am back and I have tons and tons of products to share with you all. With the snow starting to melt, and it's starting to get a little warmer, I have been on a huge Spring makeup trend, and just wanting to try out some new products! So the other day I was in Walgreens, I finally came a crossed the new Wet N Wild Spring palettes. I was super excited that I found them. But also bummed because I was on the look out for the Spring polishes as well, and sadly they did not have the display. I did pick up 3 of the new palettes though to share with you guys. And I am so in love with all of the shades.

California Roll was the palette that really caught my eye. It comes with a bunch of fun colors for the Spring.
  • The first shade on top is yellow beige color with hints of shimmery 
  • Second shade is a beautiful beige with more of a golden under tone, which also has shimmer
  • Third is a bright green with a hint of shimmer
  • Fourth is a beautiful matte orange
  • Fifth is a shimmery teal color which is one of my favorites in the palette
  • Lastly is a matte red 
I love the fact that this palette comes with a bunch of different finishes and the colors are extremely pigmented. The lighter shades were harder to show up on my skin tone since I am very pale, but I think they would show up much better on a deeper skin tone. I honestly thought this palette was going to be horrible, because a lot of drug store palettes that have bright colors are usually huge misses. But this palette was incredible and I highly recommend picking it up if you can find it. And it only retails for $3.99.


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    1. I agreed! I am so impressed with the color combination!

  2. looks so fun! :)


  3. What a fun set of colors! Would love to see a look created with these shades!

    Raincouver Beauty

  4. I have always found the Wet n Wild shadows to be a little hit and miss for me but these look like they swatch pretty well! x
    Becoming Becca

  5. The colors are so interesting. Love it <3

  6. Such pretty colors! :)