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Wet N Wild Palette in Thrift Store Chic

I feel like this eyeshadow palette is a princess in a palette. It seriously reminds me of a princess with the beauty shimmer and pinks. Now, I picked up this palette for review purposes because I do not think I can rock a pink eyeshadow look, but after swatching these shades I feel like you can come up with some really beautiful shimmery looks.

Thrift Store Chic

  • Shimmery golden yellow shade
  • A chunky glitter champaign/pink shade
  • Medium chunky glitter pink shade
  • A light pink shade (which I am in love with)
  • Medium shimmer hot pink shade
  • Purple with a golden undertone
I really love the color combination in this palette. It has a mixture of different pinks and the pigmentation was spot on, except for the chunky glitter shades. I think those shades would be perfect to just add on top of another shadow to give it more sparkle. I think this palette would be perfect for a festival or if you are dressing up on Valentines day, but other then that, I don't think I could pull that much glitter off, but who knows, maybe you could?

Overall, I love the pigmentation, I just do not think its a must have when it comes to a palette. I think it could be a hit and miss depending on your makeup style.

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