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Wet N Wild Palette in Vinyl Collection

If you like nudes and shimmer this palette is for you. When I spotted the new palettes from Wet N Wild at Walgreens, I knew for a fact that this baby was coming home with me. I am such a sucker for nude shades and I love the mixture of creams, gold, and greens in this palette.

Vinyl Collection
  • First shade is a matte cream color
  • Second shade is a very shimmery champagne color that had more sparkle then pigmentation
  • Third is a beautiful shimmery gold
  • Fourth is a taupe shimmery shade (which is my favorite in the palette)
  • Fifth is a forest shimmery green
  • Lastly is a deep brown color with shimmery
I didn't experience any fall out with the shades other then the second shade because it did have a lot of glitter. All the other shades were extremely pigmented and very easy to blend. I was extremely impressed with how pigmented all of the shades were. You can create a lot of beautiful looks with this palette and its such a steal for the price! Let me know if you picked up this palette and what you think of it. It is only $3.99 and can be found at Walgreens. 


  1. Looks so great! :) pretty colors


  2. OMG, this 6 pan is sooo pretty! it's like a mini sized comfort zone palette! If only there was a duochrome dark brown in it! It would be perfect!