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NEW Limited Edition Wet N Wild Blush & Glow Trio in Sunset Junction

I have been on the hunt for some new Spring/Summer 2015 makeup collections, and while I was at my local Walgreen's I was hit with so many new collections for this season. If you follow me on Instagram, you would know I am a sucker for limited edition programs, and if they are from Wet N Wild, I must get them! I think Wet N Wild always come up with the best products for each season.

While I was at Walgreen's they had a display of these blush & glow trio's. They are part of there Spring 2015 Silver Lake Collection. This collection comes with 3 different trio's to choose from. Sadly, while I was looking at the display, mine was missing one of the trio's. So instead of getting just two, I only ended up getting one for now. This one was the lightest of all the trio's, so I thought this one would fit my complexion a lot better then the other one. 

Sunset Junction:

  • Highlighter- is a beautiful champagne highlight with a pink undertone, that has a ton of shimmer and amazing pigmentation. I know this will be a highlighter that I will have to be careful with because the pigmentation was amazing and the formula is really buttery, so a little product will go such a long way.
  • Blush- is a beautiful mid tone pink. It also has a ton of shimmer and just look at that pigmentation, it's incredible. I also found that this blush is super easy to blend, so even thought it's very pigmented, it will be easy to blend out on the cheeks.
  • Bronzer- is a shimmery bronzer with a orange undertone. So it does have more of a warm tone, and I normally go towards cool tone colors, so I will need to be extremely careful when applying this to my face, but I find the color to be very pretty.
I am always impressed with these new collections from Wet N Wild. I thought all 3 products were very pigmented, easy to blend, and buttery. Even with the shimmer in each product, I did not notice a lot of fall out which is great! If you are looking for a new fun product to try out this Spring, I would recommend trying this one, or any of the others that you would feel would go better with your skin tone. 


  1. Ah this is so exciting! I love finding new drugstore products that are SO worth the money. thanks for the suggestion! I love blush/bronzer colors mixed together.


  2. So gorgeous! I think everything is awesome in this trio although I wish the bronzer was a bit more neutral and not as orange/warm toned! Although I'm sure it would turn up very naturally on those with a light tan!

  3. I love wet n wild products, I think they give good quality for affordable price!! This one too sounds like a great product!!