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Glamour Dolls Single Eyeshadows Review

Hey everyone, I am so sorry that I have not posted a review in what seems like forever, but don't you worry, I am back and have a ton of products to review for you guys! And I thought why not start with an extremely affordable brand. Glamour Dolls recently released 5 new single eyeshadows and they were so kind, and sent me them to review for you guys. 

They released 5 new shades and they retail for $3.99 each and come in a couple of different finishes. 

  • Snow Day is a matte creamy beige. I loved the texture of this shade. I thought it was very buttery and blended really nice into the crease. I love using this shade as a transition color since it is a little darker then my lid. 
  • Sorcery is a bronzed shimmery copper. I love this shade to apply all over my lid. The pigmentation was pretty good on its own, but when you add a primer it really makes the gold pop.
  • Backstage is a golden earth shimmery green color. This color is my favorite out of the bunch and it is seriously so pigmented. It is one of those colors that will be perfect for the fall and it just adds such a beautiful color to any makeup look. 
  • Ballerina's Revenge is a pink highlight shimmer. For such a light color, I thought the shade was really pigmented.  I do not own any baby pink shadows, so I am very pleased to have one in my collection now. I was so worried that the color was going to be very sheer, but the pigmentation was really good.
  • Athena is a matte burgundy rose. This is a great staple for the fall time as well. I did notice that it was a little chalky, and sometimes its hard for matte shadows to not appear chalky. Even though the shade was a little chalky, I thought the pigmentation was great and was very easy to blend
Overall for $3.99, these shadows are a steal. I am also in love with the packaging and the added bow is just adorable. Also, if you love these shadows, you should really check out some of the other products they have listed. They are all affordable. You buy purchase these shadows at

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