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Proganix Soy Protein Volume Collection

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Hi loves, today I have yet another exciting post on some new hair care by Proganix. I know I start almost every blog post with "exciting post" but sometimes I find some of these products really exciting. And this is one of those times. Proganix recently came out with a new line which is the Soy Protein Volume line, and the products are meant to amplify and give body to your hair. They came out with a shampoo, conditioner, amplifying gel and root boost finish. My hair is so thin and flat, so I was very excited to give this line a try.

Soy Protein (+ Caffeine) Volume Amplifying + Body Builder Shampoo & Conditioner- with this shampoo and conditioner its supposed to give body to your hair, as well as give your hair some shine. The added shine comes from the energizing caffeine. First you would of course want to shampoo your hair, and then you would want to add the conditioner and leave it in for about 3-5 minutes before you rinse it out. I noticed a difference in my hair within a couple of washes. Plus they smell amazing as well. Both the shampoo and conditioner retail for $9.99 and can currently be found at

Soy Protein (+ Caffeine) Volume Amplify Gel- with this product it also has the soy protein and caffeine just like the shampoo and conditioner. This product you would add to damp hair and you only use about a dime size amount. You can either let your hair air dry or you could blow dry it as well which could add some extra volume. I noticed the gel to be a little sticky, so I normally do not use this type of product in my hair. I think it would work better if you had more thicker hair. This product retails for $10.99 and can currently be found at

Soy Protein (+ Caffeine) Volume Root Boost Finish + Body Builder- just like the rest of the collection, this product contains the soy protein and caffeine. With this product you apply it onto clean damp hair and you would concentrate it on the roots. It can also be used on dry hair as well. Besides the shampoo and conditioner, I thought this product was one of my favorites. It did an amazing job with adding a little more body to my roots, which is where I needed it the most. This product retails for $10.99 and can currently be found at

I highly recommend the shampoo, conditioner and root boost. The gel on the other hand I would not recommend it unless you had pretty thick hair. It didn't look good in my thin hair and just made my hair feel really dirty and had a weird texture. Let me know if you have tried these before and what you think of them!

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