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Wet N Wild Blushes in Pearlescent Pink and Rose Champagne

Hi loves, today I have another exciting post on the "new" Wet N Wild Blushes. Wet N Wild recently repackaged their old blushes and they brought back a couple of their permanent shades and also brought out a new color as well.  I have been on the hunt for them forever now, and I finally found a couple from Walgreens. Surprisingly I never owned any Wet N Wild blushes in the past, but I knew with the new packaging I had wanted to pick a couple up. I am in love with all the new products for 2016 by Wet N Wild. 

Pearlescent Pink is a beautiful medium pink with a little of a coral undertone. The pigmentation on this blush was incredible. A little product goes a long way so when applying this blush you may want to use a light hand. Rose Champagne is a beautiful nude pink, which of course is a color that I am in love with when it comes to blushes. This one was pigmented too, but it applied a little patchy. I thought the formula for the blushes were a little dry. They didn't have a buttery texture, so it is a little harder to blend out the product on your cheeks. But overall for the price you cannot beat it.

These blushes do retail for $2.99 and right now I have only spotted the new packaging at Walgreens. But with time these will be popping up at Target, Walmart, CVS etc. I am all for affordable products so I was really impressed with the colors and pigmentation. 

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  1. I remember trying their blushes a long time ago and really liking them. This packaging is much prettier x